There's A Twist To Everything Cheesy

Written by: Davis Thomson

What: Tandoori Cheesy Fries
Where: Meet The Sauces, Charni Road, Mumbai

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Sales and Marketing professional. Free time is spent in travelling and eating!

India is typicaly known for its spice - pickle, chutney, curry and 1% of the women - everything is spicy! #MeetTheSauces has made sure that the spice is not missed out - ever!
This is the ever luscious, lip-smacking, intestine-rumbling, dogtail-wagging, cheese-loaded and mother of all God-dang fries : #TandooriCheesyFries
The fun part is, eating it out of a cone - gives it an added pleasure! What's the best part? You will find cheese at every layer of the cone! I mean - it is full satisfaction!
It is crispy, it is cheesy and it is spicy - what more do you need to treat your tummy! Now what are you waiting for?