The Big Apple City.... Heartthrob New York City

Review by: AMOL BARAI

Destination: New York NYC


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I love to roam around and explore the new places on Earth. I always plan the tours and see that those plans should be on floor. I get very enthusiastic when on tour.

If there’s one city which you can’t miss on the East Coast of USA, it’s NYC New York. You can do as much activities, fun and roam around as much as your budget permits....
The most cinematic and visited places in city are Statue of Liberty, the American Continent's Tallest Building One World Trade Centre, The Empire state building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Ripley's Believe it or not, various museums, Grand Central Terminal and many more.
Last but not the least “Times Square” Wow! This was really a great place to roam around, sit and take a panoramic look at the square.
During City visit, we stayed at New Jersey City, our India’s so called own city where you can find Indians at each and every place. Here you can get Panipuri, Vada Pav and even Pan Banaraswala.