Tasty Coimbatore Specials

Written by: G Vijayakumar

What: Mint Fish, Chicken Pallipalayam
Where: Ocean drive in, Coimbatore

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Im an NBFC professional, have/love lot of travel and also an food lover. I love to explore new foods and dine at different places.

Hi i am a food lover. My native is Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Here if the non-veg food means generally of Goat, Chicken, Country chicken & Fish.
Why this restaurant is special to me..
I have took lot of friends here, I've been with my family, since everyone gets their food choices and liked the taste of food, now im even taking my colleagues & superiors to this restaurant. Unbelievably they do like the taste and willing to come back here again.
The most i liked were, Mint Fish & Chicken Pallipalayam.
The earlier one is cooked in vapour and has mint all over it, presented hotly placed inside banana leaf, incredibly tasty with superb aroma mixed with mint.
Later is an spicy red hot dish. Specially the food lovers who loves spicy dish will definitely go for it. The dish prepared with chicken and small Coconut pieces containing in it.
The restaurant also serves all types of vegetarian foods, soft drinks, Ice creams, and many other varieties of non-veg food.