Authentic rayalaseema food, must try place for non veggies

Written by: Ajay Pallaganti

What: Paneer Biriyani, authentic rayalaseema ragi sangati with gutti vankaya
Where: Kritunga, Whitefield, Bangalore

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this recommendation

Photography is my passion and I am foodie too. I enjoy visiting new places to click photos and explore new food as well.

Been to this place few weeks ago and was surprised by the crowd waiting everywhere. That itself said that this place was good. Waited for 10 minutes for the seat and got one finally. The menu has a wide range of non vegetarian food but very limited vegetarian options, me being a vegetarian this was a bit disappointing.

Anyways, ordered something authentic - ragi sangati, jonna rotti and gutthi vankaya curry along with a paneer biriyani. It took a while for us to receive the order due to the crowd, but the wait was worth it. We enjoy every morsel of food we had. The cost is just a tad expensive but the quantity justifies the cost ;)

Final word - definitely a great place to try if you want taste a real authentic rayalaseema food. Must visit place if you are a non vegetarian :)