Soft, Smooth and Awesome Cakes and CupCakes baked by Home Chef Reema

Written by: Vineet Jain

Mr. Vineet is a software professional from Chennai and loves good food, travel and bollywood music.

What: Vegetarian and Eggless Cakes and CupCakes
Where: Reema's Swad, Chennai

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Craving for soft, yummy and tasty cakes and cup cakes? Need it for a birthday party, get together or celebration? Keen to have an eggless cake... Head over to Reema's Swad Cakes and Cup Cakes. The cakes are so yummy, soft and smooth, you would want to eat the entire cake and ask for more :-) Reema Jain is very passionate about cooking and baking and conducts cooking classes and also serves and takes orders for cakes and cup cakes. Her cakes are the most tastiest and softest cake ever had and the finesse on the cakes are just superb. Would definitely recommend Reema's Swad if you are looking for awesome cakes and celebrating the best of your times

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