Someshwara Beach – “Hidden jewel of Karnataka”

Review by: Neville Dsouza

Destination: Someshwara Beach


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Neville, a true Mumbaikar by heart and a Banker by profession. He is an avid traveller and total foodie. Loves exploring new places and trying his hand in cooking new dishes.

Someshwara beach is the best and most beautiful beach in Mangalore. The sunset view in Someshwara beach is unforgettable, a feast for the eyes and a favourite for photo lovers. Someshwara beach is located near Mangalore, and it is a pristine beach famous for its view of sunsets. Someshwara beach is located in Ullal at the confluence of the Netravati River and the Arabian Sea. The golden sands, greenery along route from Mangalore, and the coconut palms along the beach make this beach a must-visit destination on the traveller’s itinerary. Someshwara beach is spread over a few kms and can be accessed at many places. This place has shade trees and offers quiet view of the soothing blue waters. It’s an ideal place for picnic lovers. The view from the hill top is enchanting. There are concrete benches on the hill top for beach lovers to relax. The steps are well constructed and unwind to the sea below. There are many huge granite rocks here. One can easily move to the top of these rocks and sit on the top, where the waves lashes and is covered by sea on three sides. The sunset view from the top of the rocks is mesmerizing and should not be missed.