Europion Splendour

Review by: Rajani Mehta

Destination: Europe


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I m a senior citizen. I m a retired doctor and fond of travelling

In July 2016 I planned for Europe holiday withmy friend. But a wk before departure due unavoidable circumstances, she cancelled the trip. I decided to travell alone for the tour with SOTC. I was worried also as a single traveller. But at Munich other tourists also joined. V did not know eachother,but soon V became as if vr known to eaother since long.I did not feel like a stranger among them.Everbody cared for me in all aspects. , specially.Taking my picts, young children helped me for carrying my luggage etc. They never allowed me to feel lonely. V travelled through Astria, ITALY, Switzerland, France veticancity. Still v r having a WA group and v r in touch and meet also. Wonderfuul experience. I m a senior citizen