Day trek to Lingana and Madhe Ghat Waterfall

Review by: Ajay Ingle

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Destination: Lingana and Madhe Ghat, Maharashtra


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Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate
Time: Lingana – 2.5 Hrs
Madhe Ghat – 1.5 Hrs
Distance covered: 8 km on foot to and fro

For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts there are many options for treks within 100 km radius of Pune. During monsoons, these treks become even more pleasant as the waterfalls gets replenished.

No great planning is required for the trip, just take your car and go where the road takes you. Recently on October 11 (Dusherra holiday), my cousin and I decided to go on one of these treks to Lingana and Madhe Ghat waterfall. Just a 90 km drive from Pune, the place is beautiful with the hills covered in green meadows. Add to that a cloudy weather with fog on top of the hill.

During the time of Shivaji Maharaj, Lingana was strategically used as a watch tower for Raigad. On a clear day Raigad can be seen from top of Lingana. You will probably enjoy this trek more if you have some Rock climbing experience. We went to Raichi pathar from where you can have clear view of one side of Lingana.

During the rainy season nothing is better than a shower under a waterfall. Madhe Ghat waterfall is one of the best to relax after a day long trek. A half an hour drive from Lingana, you reach the top of Madhe Ghat waterfall. A short 15 mins downhill trek will lead you to the base where the water falls and refreshing shower awaits. People should approach the waterfall with a bit of caution due to slippery stones.

The entire trip is less than a day’s activity. We left home at 7 in the morning and back by 4 p.m. Overall an awesome day.

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