A Trip in Hyderabad & Jodhpur #traveldiaries

Review by: Jitesh Karania

I am Jitesh Karania and I stay in mumbai
I love to travel ,eat a lot and live my life and I also like sing, play cricket and dance
Please give me the chance to visit another beautiful place

Destination: Hyderabad & Jodhpur


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I am Jitesh Karania and I would like to share you my amazing trips to Hyderabad and Jodhpur
First I went to Hyderabad in Telangana which is really an amazing place for a foodie and traveller, my trip started with visiting Ramoji Filmcity we stayed there for a night in a classy hotel. Ramoji Filmcity is wonderful place as it has way too many gardens to click your pictures and it is a place where many movies are in production there are also many sets for people to visit a worth trip for toddlers and kids. From there we went to Old Hyderabad where we got to see the world famous Charminar which was under construction but a worth place as it was old as the city and we went sightseeing to Golconda Fort which is a picturesque place and really majestic we also visited chowmohalla palace which is has history of royalty of old and it took the whole day and than it was time for Lumbini park which has a wonderful laser show and than we took a halt so the next day we got more on our hand and we visited NTR gardens which also has so many gardens and than we had a chance to visit Snow World it was worth it to get your legs stiff and than for a whole day we went to Nehru Zoological Park which made me a kid again as I was cycling the whole day through the whole zoo and it has so many animals birds and insects and it also a place for foodies as it has the famous biryani which was mouth watering and we also took a bite in Karachi Bakery biscuits and it was worth the trip to visit the hyderabad and also we visited some religious pilgrimage nearby hyderabad and we visited Kulpakji a Jain temple which is 1300 years old and a had a goldly experience
And from there we got to Jodhpur in Rajasthan which is a travel delight as It took me by surprise of how wonderful that place was in cultural heritage. Jodhpur is a blue city as all the houses here have the colour of blue paint and we also took off to see the merangarh fort a majestic place it is on top of the hills where the royals uae to stay and guard their kingdoms from any attacks a worth visit as it houses artefacts of the royals and it also houses many local artists who play amazing rajasthani music for guests and a also we had the famous spicy Daal Batti a really yummy food
I had never got the chance to thank god of how he/she made this wonderful world for us humans
Hyderabad and Jodhpur were really beautiful place and worth trip
Please visit this place as they are wonderful

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