The Shepherd story at Pahalgam

Review by: Vijender Singh

Destination: Pahalgam at and around.


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An avid traveller aging forty years. Always looking to explore new destinations with or without companions.

The feel of urbane and countryside. Yes you got it right, you have arrived at Pahalgam. Surrounded by the hills . The cool and serene water flowing on one side of the town. The sleepy town of Pahalgam lies little away from the Capital city of Kashmir I.e. Srinagar. If you are bored by the city life of your stay, head straight to Pahalgam. You won't repent going there. There are many stay options starting from very low stay costs for the backpackers to for the cosy travellers. Around Pahalgam, you can head towards Chandanwari, the starting point of Amaranth yatra. You can witness snow there even in June. On the way it would be worthwhile to spend some time at Betaab valley. You can relish some coffee or tea at Chandanwari. You can also have yourself shot with Pigeon on your hand and lamb on your shoulders for a tiny sum of few ten rupees. The memories will be permanently stored in your memories. In the evening a walk by the side of river will complete your trip. We went there with family in June 2016 and had a very wonderful stay. The kids can't just stop talking about there.