Where the lions rule

Review by: Tanmay Aggarwal

i love wildlife and always long to go for trips in India because i think there is a lot you can explore in your country

Destination: Gir forest


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I am speechless about the Gir forest. i am absolutely amazed by it's beauty. the best is the jeep safari which is difficult to get. the best time to go are the winters. i personally went for the lions. the Asiatic lions are stunning. Africa is a once in a lifetime trip, but the same majestic beast you are finding at Gir national park. the park is very clean and a paradise for photographers. there are many species of birds that can be captured. the beauty of the savanna's and the deciduous forest blend very well. in the end i would just like to say that the forest may not be a prestigious as the other ones, but the magnificent experience you get here is absolutely unimaginable.

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