I was there!!

Review by: Sagar Patil

Destination: London


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I am a post grad working as an assistant manager BD. Coffee addict, traveller, music lover.

What exactly make you feel stay in a particular place when you know you don’t know anyone there. Your family or relatives are not going to be with you. What makes you even live that lonely life? What makes you live in a different city with completely diverse people? Is it even safe for you? Isn’t family more important? Well, I actually had answers to all those questions now. I know what makes people like to fall in love with a city which never sleeps. A city which gave me a great knowledge. A city which grew me up like a man. A city which show me colors of life. A city which told me how it feels to be drunk in the night with friends. A city which gave me goosebumps and a crying friends when leaving. A city, my city, I did not fall in love with London. Indeed, London made me fall in love with her. Yes, her. Isn’t she always cloudy, coz girls are little overactive. Isn’t she vintage and beautiful? Isn’t she got all those colors as per the occasions like girls do on nails and hairs. Isn’t she got coldest nights when you are upset. Isn’t she friendly with everyone like girls always do. She ain't bother about your color and race, she just loves to be in your company. She doesn’t mind swinging with you on Friday night when we all are more than drunk. She don’t rain when you are in Hyde Park. She likes it sunny when you go Oxford shopping. She like it cold when you are upset. Oh yeah, fish and chips are a weird combination to be a famous dish. She also want only a queen to rule her. So yah London is my favorite destination in the world and will always be. Unless, she decides to divorce me. ;D