What You Need to Know About Festa Diu and More


Festa Diu is Asia’s longest beach festival and one of the more unheard of festivals in India making it a true hidden gem in the Indian festival calendar. Full of exciting events from performances by loved Indian musicians to comedic stand-up shows, there is something for everyone. The added bonus is that attending this festival means you get to spend time on the beautiful island of Diu! This tiny island off the coast of Gujarat is great for anyone interested in learning more about the rich cultural history of all the different Indian states and territories.


What You Need to Know About Festa Diu

Festa Diu is actually a three month long festival from December to February and during your visit (however long you choose) you’ll be pitched up in one of the luxury tents on the beach in the festival village. You can tailor your stay at the festival around your favourite events and performances, and when you’re not watching a show you can head to the Adventure Zone! The adventure zone includes different hands on activities including hot air balloon rides over the exotic island of Diu, to get an aerial view of everything going on. But the fun doesn’t stop there, why not try something you’ve never done before such as zip lining or bungee jumping – after all experiences really are what is important!

Head to the Festa Diu website to find out more about events, performances and accommodation. Remember this is a yearly event, so if you’re looking to plan your upcoming holidays this could be one to bookmark for the end of the year! To help you with planning, whether it is for this year or next, take a look at what flights there are available to you.

What Else is There to Do in Diu?

St-pauls-church-diu-indiaSource: Mohnish1208

When you’ve got some free time from the festival, why not go and explore Diu a little further. Like Daman, this island was a Portuguese colony until 1961 when it became a union territory of India. Owing to this diverse cultural background, Diu is a fascinating place to explore. Top on your list of things to do should be the Diu Fort; canons and cannonballs litter the stone pathways of this once impressive and intimidating structure. Step inside to take a look at the remains of an old jail or climb up to the top of the lighthouse and get a spectacular view of the coast of Diu.

For more neoclassical Portuguese architecture visit St. Paul’s Church; built in the 1600s by the Portuguese this fresh, white church still stands strong and proud.

naida-caves-diu-islandSource: Rashmi.parab

Or take a stroll through some of the fishing villages, like Vanakbara, to get a more peaceful and serene view of daily life on Diu. The brightly coloured fishing boats and cheerful locals are a pleasure to be around; you should try and buy some of the catches of the day for a fresh fish feast! If this still isn’t enough exploration for you, then perhaps put your walking boots on and discover the ins and outs of the Naida Caves. On a sunny day the caves have an ethereal feel to them, and you’ll be able to navigate your way through, over and under the numerous hollows and passages.

If you’re not going to visit the festival, but feel like taking a break and heading to the island of Diu, then you’ll need to look for accommodation – click the link below to see all of the beautiful hotels on offer.




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