15 Signs Which Show That You Were Born To Travel!


If you are sitting in your office right now, and you are the one that we are talking about; chances are that you are longing to walk barefoot in the grass instead of those hard linoleum floors. You are the one who aches for the rucksack every morning that you lug the heavy laptop bag to office! Chances are that you are the one crossing off days on your calendar and planning the next holiday!

There are some of us who are content with being in one place, one job and having one clock that runs only between  9-5 ; and then there are others! Others who cannot help but get up and do something, be somewhere, be homesick for a place they know nothing of- They are the TRAVELLERS, the BORN travellers!
If you exhibit any one or all of these 15 traits, you are definitely a certified nutcasse! You have been bitten, by the wanderlust bug!


You can’t help it! It’s in your genes!

No kidding! Scientists have discovered a gene that is a close cousin of the DRD 4 gene, that controls the happiness and pleasure centres of your brain. This gene, DRD 4-7r  is the culprit behind all those incessant flights of curiosity and restlessness,  if that does not define travel, what does?


You were the maniac jumping up and down at the amusement park!

This needs no explanation, does it? You knew you did that! Local fair, Essel World, or even Disney Land; your level of excitements for every ride remained unchanged right from ages 2 to however-old- you- are-right-now!


You were always the group leader on School Trips!

Happily chilling on the back bench otherwise, you would have been the one who threw their hands wildly in the air when teacher asked,, “So? Who wants to be the trip prefect?” And everyone agreed because as long as you are in charge, they can be guaranteed of fun!


You were always the one sitting in front with the driver!

Speaking of being the trip prefect, with additional feathers in his hat, you were undoubtedly the one sitting in front with the bus driver when you were being taken around. Antakshari, teasing, gossiping everything else can wait! You gotta keep your eye on the road first!


“Move over Cinderella!” Sindbad and the Seven Seas was your idea of a perfect fairytale!

Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and many more such fairy tales never piqued your interest like they did for others. Instead, Sindbad was your version of Prince Charming! Being whisked off on a travel across seven seas! Who needs castles?


New College, New Class or New  Lecture, who cares?
You would make friends everywhere you go!

The moment you got your ‘license to fly’ out of the dreaded school campus, you were eager to get into college whereas all your other friends were anxious about the same! First day of college, you made your first friend waiting at the bus stop and before you knew you were a large group of 13 people ready to take the college by a storm! You are a real people’s person, aren’t you?


You wanted to move out of your hometown as soon as possible!


“There’s no place like home!’ Hey! But Dorothy said after having walked down the Yellow brick road, right? How will I know, how much I love home if I don’t even try to venture out?” You were always eager to move out! Better job, better opportunities notwithstanding; you wanted to see what life would be like outside your rosy world!


Tetris was always your favorite game!

No! Really! It came in so handy when you wanted to fit those Combat boots into your carry on luggage! All the arranging of the building blocks to a perfect square, shifting them around to fill in the gaps- Tetris was essentially a packing hack!


“Hola! Bonjour! Allo! Geia sas”
You know how to greet a person in atleast 17 different languages!

People get annoyed as well as awed when you greet them, annoyed because they don’t know how to respond and awed because you managed to shut them up! You have picked up different languages as you grew up, just to get an insight into what it would be like to be Spanish, Greek or German.


Planning a vacation is your favorite hobby!

The plans may or may not materialize but the thrill of planning a vacation is what keeps you going through the day. All the ‘Lonely Planet’ guides, the bargain hunting for airplane tickets, researching about the place, drooling at the amazing pictures online and picturing yourself amidst the beauty! Even the thought of it brings a smile to your face.

You keep your passport and a getaway bag handy.

Your Tote bag has three essentials- Sunglasses, Car Keys and of course, a passport. You always keep it on you, you know? JUST in case! What’s more? You are that crazy guy/girl who has a weekend getaway bag stashed somewhere in the office. Complete with a set of clothes, and all the other essentials. So, when opportunity knocks at your door, you are ready!


Stains on Jeans, Mud on Shoes or Ticket Stubs in Wallet.
Your travel memories are more than just random selfies!

You are not the type who will have vacation albums for every trip you take, nor do you feel the need to compulsively check in or upload pictures when you go to these places. Your travel memoirs are simple and varied. The ticket stubs in your jeans, the boarding pass scrapbook and the stamps on your passport are all your treasured travel memoirs!


You dream of working somewhere you can travel the world and be paid for it!

People dream of higher paying jobs, their boss’ post, bigger house, bigger car, bigger…everything! But no! Not you! You dream of working somewhere like National Geographic, Lonely Planet or Fox Traveller. After all, you have got to follow in the footsteps of your idols, right? What would Samantha Brown Do? What would Anthony Bourdain say?!


Journeys back home always seem shorter.

It’s true, whenever you are heading back home from a particular place the road magically appears to have become shorter! You want to keep going and are never intent on arriving but you have got to stop… only so you can get up and going again! Keep your eyes open and your ears too; travel might be knocking at your door right now!


You never brag of your travels!

For you travelling is a way of life, it’s a part of who you are; why would you brag about it? Do you hear anyone bragging about breathing, eating, cooking, working a desk job, and reading? No! Right? Then, why would you brag about something that is so much a part of you. Travelling has made you honest and moreover, humble!


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