The world can be amazing if you are slightly strange…Indeed! Imagine living in a town that is far-far below the earth or strolling through a street where a ‘supposedly’ UFO landed?

No, these are not the plots for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie but towns that exist for real! From towns, houses sharing their boundary wall with graveyards to towns hiding various unsolved mysteries – we bring you all.

Get ready for some trespassing…as nobody knows what lies behind these locked doors.

Coober Pedy, The Whiteman’s hole in Australia


A country with ‘Summer Christmas’- Australia, has much more than just kangaroos and ostriches. Also referred as ‘Opal Capital of the World’ majority of the inhabitants of Coober Pedy live in caves dug out on hills. Yes, you read right! Since the temperature here rises up to freaking 51 Centigrade, thus, to beat the heat miners came out with the best solution of living underground.

Do not mistake this place with some under-developed area. Coober Pedy is well equipped with underground stores, churches and even boast a 4-star Hotel, what are you looking for?


Roswell, Living with the alien in  New Mexico


Roswell is the fifth largest city of Mexico, well, that’s quite normal! Before you jump on the remaining list, there is something bizarre-something really creepy about this place. Also referred as ‘UFO Town’, this place proudly connects itself to the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.

The residents here claim that an unidentified object landed here in 40’s which they believe was an alien. Since then the town has grossed good amount of publicity, thanks to the said extraterrestrial phenomena. True or false? We’ll let you decide on your own!


Thames Town, The lost Britain in China


It’s little hard to believe that the most populated country of the world has rich range of ghost towns. One such place is ‘Thames Town’ located around 32km from Shangahi, this town looks as if was left in a hurry by residing British. Bearing a close resemblance to a traditional British market place, this town is almost empty now.

Well designed to resemble a mini Britain, this town had a pub, row houses, Cobblestone Street as well. The only thing keeping this ghost alive now are wedding photography. After all, who doesn’t want a perfect English set-up shot?


Setenil de las Bodegas, A caved town in Spain


This is one item on our list that is imperfectly perfect! This town gets its name from its famous wineries – Sentnil. While most of the Spanish towns were built on well carved – strong rocks, Bodegas made its way through cliffs and caves.

The beautiful country houses in this town gives an impression of rising from the cliffs above them. It is this bizarre beauty that has made this town a major tourist attraction.


Dwarf Village, A small world in China


Yangsi, a small town in China province has become a center of research. Also known as the ‘Dwarf Village’ this remote village is inhabited by people not taller than 4ft 3 inches. Yes, it’s true! The reason for the dwarfism has been baffling scientist since decades.

Whatever the reason be; but this is one happy town that has its own sources of income. Also the unique designs of houses here has made Yangzi a major tourist destination.


Lily Dale, A happy abode of Spiritualism in USA


If you are trying to remember where you have heard about this town, then let us help you. Lily Dale is the backdrop of various young adult fiction novels and serials. With a population of around 220, this place is located in the Southwestern New York.

This is one stop for people who feel they bear a connection with out of the world spirits. Lily Dale host workshops for people interested in spirituality, paranormal and various out of the world phenomena. A nightmare turned locality indeed!


Neft Daslari, A home in the Oil field in Azerbaijan


Well, if you thought that the only way of living on ocean is either on a boat or an island then think again? Neft Dalari in Caspian Sea is a hybrid structure of an oil platform. Built in 1940 by USSR, this place evolved from an oilfield to a locality inhabited by around 5000 residents.

Well equipped with apartments, bridges this over-the-ocean town boasts a library, community center and a cinema too. Owing to its budding popularity, this town was also featured in James Bond movie, ’The World is not enough’.


The Village, Age is just a number here in USA


Remember the ‘Happy Song’s old age home version…adorable, right? This next strange town is an adorable establishment in Florida. Also considered as the ‘America’s Friendliest Hometown’ is more of a retirement town that does not allow any one below the age 19 here.

A happy town with 34 golf courses and plenty of restaurants ‘The Village’ is largely inhabited by people above 55 years. Well, in short it won’t be wrong if we say that the oldie’s do get a lot naughty here!


Rennes-le- Chateau, Home to all Conspiracies in France


Located on hill top in France, Rennes-le-Chateau largely remains out of sight but not to the eagle-eyed folks. This tiny hamlet owes its popularity to a priest named Francois Berenger Sauniere who inhabited this village and became well famed for all wrong reasons.

This town is belied to hold answers to various mysteries surrounding Christianity and other related rituals. This town was Dan Brown sole inspiration for the ever controversial Da Vinci Code.


Najaf, Next to the grave in Iraq


Neighbors can be annoying at times, especially someone who keeps ringing your doorbell either for sugar or milk. Najaf in Iraq is one village, where nobody faces this problem. As the closest neighbor in this town are not humans but graves.

House to world’s biggest cemetery, Wadi-Al-Salam, is double the size of Central Park in New York. The resident, however, seem to have a good compatibility with their neighbors.


Slab City, An Off grid happy home in USA


Dubbed as ‘The Last Free State in America’, Slab City has no postal address or landmark. This free-land can be accessed while driving from Los Angeles to the deserts in the east. While most of the population, who call themselves as ‘Slabbers’ inhabit this land temporarily during winters just to get at a taste of free living.

While there are some permanent residents who either wishfully or due to poverty are forced to live here. Imagine living with no provision of electricity, water, even a toilet!


Noiva do Cordeiro, Bring out the girl power in Brazil


The feminists would certainly love this place! Noiva do Cordeiro, a tiny village in Brazil is composed entirely of women population. Senhorinha de Lima, a woman charged with adultery established this town in 1891. Since then, this town has only women residents.Only a very few are married and have husbands.

But the handful male population work in cities and come only on weekends. The women seems to be happy with the ongoing system and fear that the balance would lose if they brought men here. Well, certainly not that convincing but the girls like it their way here!


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