The competition is against myself

Representing the country at the Olympics is a huge achievement by itself, and one Nitendra Rawat has worked super hard towards. It’s no surprise that the Indian marathoner was one of the first athletes from the country to make the cut to enter the 2016 Rio Olympics.

When speaking to mobiefit in an exclusive interview, Rawat had said, “When I ran only for fitness and enjoyment it was ok, but when I took it seriously it become like a burden. You start comparing yourself to others and think others are doing well but not you. It demoralizes you. You feel like giving up. But that’s also when you need most motivation. For me this comes through everywhere: from senior players, my coach (Surinder Singh Bhandari), good books etc. Running has taught me that limitation is only a word, nothing else.”

Speaking to Mail Today, Nitendra Rawat opened up about his outlook and ambition for the Rio games. “I am not going to put myself under any undue pressure thinking about the other athletes and their timings. I have a personal target and that is all I am concerned about,” Rawat told Mail Today. 


Stephen Kripotch, the 2012 London marathon gold medallist from Uganda, set a timing of 2 hours eight minutes and one second, but Nitendra Rawat whose personal best is 2 hours 15 minutes 48 seconds is confident about breaking that mark.

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