8 Mouth-Watering Andhra Pickles That You Must Try At Least Once!



Pickle Varieties from Andhra 

The beautiful state of Andhra is very famous for its pickles. The specialty of these Andhra pickles is that they suit every palate, be it hot, sour, or spicy.

We have listed down some popular Andhra pickles that are sure to tranquilize your taste buds:

Mamidi Avakaaya

Avakaaya is a traditional Andhra pickle. It’s a combination of mangoes, aavalu (powdered mustard) and other spices.  Unbeatable in flavor, this pickle is a gastronomic gem of Andhra cuisine.

Allam Vellulli Avakaaya

This pickle is almost similar to ‘Mamidi Avakaaya’ with an extra addition of ginger-garlic paste. Spicy and tasty, this pickle increases the satisfaction after every meal.

Mukkala Pachadi

Mukkala Pachadi is an enticing pickle made from finely chopped pieces of mango. This pickle does not take much time to marinate and is ready to use from the very next day. However, the taste which it imparts to food is just incomparable!


Maagaya is another lip-smacking mango pickle variety from Andhra. It’s a delectable combination of sun dried mangoes, spices, and herbs.  A family favorite after avakaaya, this pickle stays more than a year and doesn't need any refrigeration.

Usirikaya Avakaaya

Usirikaya Avakaaya is an Andhra style gooseberry pickle.  With a special tangy taste, it adds a different flavor to your gourmet meal. However, the thing with Usirikaya Avakaaya is, once you start eating, you are sure to ask for more.

Nimmakaya Avakaaya

Nimmakaya Avakaaya is a famous Andhra delight. It is made by marinating lemons and spices together. This authentic lemon pickle is not only rich in taste but also keeps your body cool in the summers.

Pandu Mirapakayala Pachadi

Pandu Mirapakayala Pachadi is a popular red chilly pickle of Andhra. This traditional appetizer is usually prepared during the end of winter season and is more attractive in its texture and taste when compared to all other pickles.

Tomato Niluva Pachadi

Every Andhra home takes pride in making Tomato Niluva Pachadi. This pickle is made of sun dried tomatoes and can be prepared in any season instantly. This pickle is so yummy in taste that when added to the meal, it just makes your day!

Do try these pickles! It will add an extra edge to your regular dining experience!

Regional Variations:

Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana regions have a distinctive style when it comes to pickle preparation. Every region is known for its own flavor, because of the variety and ratio of chillies, spices, and herbs used. Even the oil used to prepare pickles play an important role in the taste and flavor. While sesame oil or Gingelly oil is widely used, some households in Andhra also utilize groundnut oil.

Coastal Andhra

The Coastal Andhra region is exposed to the long coastline of Bay of Bengal. Therefore non-vegetarian varieties like Prawn and fish pickles are popular besides regular pickle varieties. Andhra Pradesh is also home to the fiery Guntur red chilli, brings out that unique flavour in the pickles prepared here.



Rayalaseema is famous for being spicy because of the liberal use of chilli powder in almost all the dishes.  Due to the close proximity to Tamil Nadu and South Karnataka, pickles made in this region borrow the style and ingredient mix from these neighboring regions. 



The spice levels in pickles made in Telangana vary vastly when compared to Andhra and Rayalaseema counterparts. While mustard and chilli powders are mixed with dried mangoes for pickle, in Telangana, spices are tempered and added to the pickle.

Thus, when we talk about pickle varieties in Andhra– the taste, savour and aroma is bound to vary from region to region and from family to family. However, this need not deter food lovers from indulging themselves in a scrumptious feast!



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