Learning art is a form of meditation in itself and has no boundaries in respect to age and gender. But it certainly comes up with one limitation which says that all teachings are not meant for all age groups, so the art teacher needs to understand the basic concepts and difficulty level behind art lessons. The art lessons could be divided on the basis of age groups so as to impart them in the best manners to the different grades of children.


  1. At this age, it is important for children to understand the basic hues in colors (Red, Yellow, and Blue) and mixing of primary shades. Below are some lessons which could be taught to the kids in such age groups:-
  2. Crafting huge 3D Letters from different forms of materials like paper boards, cardboards, feathers etc. and painting in vibrant colors.
  3. Children could be taught to create Alphabet Animal Collage which helps them to remember the names of the animals in a fun way. Using colors they could either draw the animals or could recognize the same from the Collage.
  4. Using the trick of Alphabet Bingo to make kids recognize the letters of the alphabet. Cut out letters from a construction paper and color them beautifully and then ask children to pick the cut letters from the bowl which are called out.
  5. Let children find colored foam cut letters from a deep dish full of pasta or beans so that they could understand the alphabet.
  6. Make each letter relate to a fruit or a vegetable name to make them understand in a simple and clearer way. 
  7. Recite the poem of Humpty Dumpty with the students or show them the video and ask them to identify the incidents that happened with Humpty Dumpty so that children could take precautions while playing for their safety.
  8. Fill a bowl with class students’ names on colored papers and then ask the children to find their own name out of the bowl.



These lessons are meant for children who are in the age groups of 5-8 years. The kids at this age love to explore their inner creativity and the skills of drawing. Also, an appreciation of inner talent is required to be known by teachers so that they could encourage the children to come to the forefront with confidence. The art lessons which can be covered for this age group are:-

  1. Allow children to use their wit to understand art forms and appreciate what they like the most. Ask them to use colors to choose between the best and the worst art forms from your class.
  2. Offer the children colors, art book, and other stationery so that they could use their presence of mind to craft new things like handprints, natural scenic beauties, family pictures, and much more.
  3. Discussing one or two chapters of a story with the students and allowing them to create one of the scenes out of the same which they remember the most as a vivid image helps them to understand the colors, art forms, and perspectives easily.
  4. Asking the children to create a Family Treehouse using photos of their family members on a self-drawn tree can make a good teaching lesson.
  5. Asking children to draw something from their recent journey, tour or vacation which they loved the most.



A child starts developing at this age and wants to learn the basics of the world of art and craft. A brief knowledge of how to use the color palettes, basic movements of brushes and kinds of brushes is required by them.

  1. Children could be taught to use waste materials from home to form something new as a Recycled Art using broken bangles, cardboards, and much more.
  2. Children could be asked to visit a beach with family on the weekend and create a Sand Art with their family and share the pictures in the class.
  3. Using dry flowers to make a bouquet could also be taught to the students at this age.
  4. Teachers can teach how to dress up in fancy ways for the Halloween.
  5. Students should be taught to create Appreciation Cards for friends and family and how to use drawings and texts in the same.



  1. The age group of 11-14 years allows the students to go one step ahead of the primary skills and use their creativeness to take new shapes. The art lessons which are designed for such age groups are:-
  2. Youngsters could be taught to make their own sketchbooks using colors and pencils.
  3. Using glass colors and sheet of glass, they could be taught to fill in the intrinsic details to create Stained Glass Masterpieces.
  4. Using salt and glue could allow students to create a textured earth, planet, asteroid belt and much more.
  5. Children could be taught creating paper crafts like paper lanterns and shades for their personal use.
  6. Using clay to create some flowers for paintings, having neat and tidy petals.



The teenagers now need to be taught the elementary skills of drawing, shading, highlighting, detailing, color blending and much more so that the students could feel for their inspiration and are motivated to create the best of masterpieces which are worth appreciating. The art lessons which are developed for such age group are:-

  1. School students can form teams to decorate their class and corridor Bulletin Boards on particular themes in relation to ongoing events in the country.
  2. The students could be taught Tile Mural paintings using clay, colors, and sculptures which could be used as a decorative material for homes.
  3. It is the time to use brushes on various fabrics and can design various natural beauties on satin, silk, cotton and much more.
  4. Canvas Painting can also be highlighted with more intrinsic detailings and shadings.
  5. Clay could be used to enhance pottery and sculpture making skills in the best manner.

The aforementioned classes are flexible as per the child’s talent and capabilities along with the teacher’s teaching skills.