My Stubborn Lover

"You tease my tongue I savor your taste Gluttonously demanding more Senses aroused, "

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You tease my tongue

I savor your taste

Gluttonously demanding more

Senses aroused, 

An orgasmic delight 

My hunger, my thirst, my craving

Well nourished


You cling on to my hips

My thighs, your favourite spot

You sit on my belly, stubborn as ever

That wobbles like a jelly


You love my curves

You play with my clothes

They hug me closer 

Every time you embrace me


I dribble at your pictures

When you are not around

You invade my dreams


Sigh, you have become a sinful addiction

An obsession

I shake my head in vain


I try cutting you out


I slog, I sweat, and my heart palpitates

Why don't you go away, for good? 

I try every trick

In the book to push you away

Science and nonsense, to get rid of you


Desperately, I beseech

Self-styled gurus and seekers alike

Promise my deliverance

And the advices – solicited and unsolicited

Urging me to avert you

I am persuaded


After my long-drawn battles and toils

You go away 

Only a pretence

Then you come back, as always

You invisible thief

You allure me 

With a vengeance

My sugar, my salt

My cheesy ecstasy


I can already see you there

You drive me nuts

Camouflaged in gooey chocolate

And cream to top it all 

They call you, Calories, Empty being your title 

My stubborn lover, here I succumb

There is nothing empty about you

As you copiously fill me up

And sustain my sanity

My struggles, long forgotten