Travel and exploration is a wonderful experience. Each holiday that we take offers us an insight into ourselves leaving us a light more enlightened and knowledgeable. As an amateur traveller, all of us make certain mistakes which we wish we were warned about beforehand. We, at FabHotels, got in touch with some travellers asking them about that one tip that they’d want to share with rest of the people who are about to embark on a journey. This is what they’ve got to say.


Back up all your data

In the digital era, nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your photographs and important documents. Hence, keep everything backed up on an external hard drive or perhaps online too. Let’s face it, while travelling, losing your mobile, laptop or DSLR is not uncommon. However alert you might be, sometimes luck is just not on your side. So to avoid such a situation keep it all safe.


Pack light

One thing that a lot of beginners miss out on is this. There are a lot of things you pack are just not needed. You’re bound to splurge a bit while you are on a holiday so keep a balance. Keep a pair of dark shaded cotton trousers and denims, that’d be more than enough, there’s just no need to carry extra stuff.


Get out of your comfort zone

Let go off that cab ride and get into a local bus or other means of transport that the locals use. While it is always good to be alert while travelling in an unknown destination, not trying something new is an absolute waste of your holiday.


Carry a hard copy of map

With Google maps, every route is accessible just by a tap. However smart your phone may be, battery issues more often than arise in today’s times and you don’t want to get lost because of that. Save up your battery wherever possible.


Learn some local language

Common phrases of the colloquial language will always come handy wherever English does not work. Also, speaking to the locals will always help you get some more insight into the culture and tradition of the place you are at.


Keep wet tissues

Always stock your bag with baby wipes or wet tissues so as to keep yourself clean. While travelling, always be ready for a misadventure. Who knows you might land up in a desert where getting water is as difficult as owning a genie! A sanitizer also works in this case.


Carry a scarf

A scarf will save you at several occasions. While it will protect you from heat and dust, it will also be your makeshift towel in case of emergencies. In India, a lot of worship places do not allow people unless their heads are covered so instead of having to use pieces of cloth that may or may not be hygienic, you can use your own scarf.


Learn to say no

There are going to be times when you’re going to be lured into cheap deals and best restaurants by cab drivers and dealers. Avoid them like plague. These people have tie-ups and commissions involved with such places (the ones with a huge room or a splendid view or the best food. Uhh! Run, we say). Reviews on TripAdvisor are way more trustworthy than what the driver tells you. Respond with a big NO.


Stay patient

Sometimes stress can take over your relaxed state of mind. So what if you were not ready for a tricky situation? Stop freaking out. It won’t help. So what if the hotel stood up on you or you missed your train? There are other options and it is not the end of the world. Take a deep breath and make it a part of your stride.


Keep some emergency cash

Always keep some extra cash with you. There are chances you may run out of money or god forbid lose your wallet, you will have some extra money to survive. Keep some in the inside pocket of your bag, your vanity kit and some travellers even suggest to sew patch on your bag.


Pack earplugs

Irritated by the guys living in the dorm? Or the creaky noise coming from the construction next door? Need some sleep but can’t because of the noisy kids around? Well, not to worry. Ear plugs will come to your rescue all the time.


Click more

Click as many pictures as you can and no, we are not talking about selfies. You don’t want to end up feeling dissatisfied once you are back. You’ve got to collect memories in the form of these photographs. Who knows you’ll get another chance to witness that scenic beauty or the local markets?


Get adventurous

Let go off that guard. Afraid of heights? Let it go! Scared of diving? Take a chance! It’s not every day that you get a chance to take such experiences. Try everything you have a fear of, travel is an excellent way of getting over all your phobias.


Carry a first-aid kit

And not just carry it but also learn basics of it. It is going to be of great help in case of emergencies. Eat like the locals do While each of us has their own eating preferences, it is always great to try as much of local food. Learn to eat with chopsticks or just by hands if you are in South India. Take chances, eat spicy, savour the sweets and gobble down with water what you don’t like. Make sure you carry effective medicines though. Upsetting your stomach is the last thing you want to do during your holiday.


Keep a water bottle with yourself

Not that we need to remind you but your body should be well hydrated at all times. Hence, you must always carry a bottle of water with you. There could be places where access to hygienic water is not possible.


Carry a journal

Writer or not, you must keep a journal with you and update it on a regular basis. It is going to be a wonderful compilation of your journey once you are back home. Every time you miss the place, all you need to do is browse through your diary and relive those amusing days. Alternatively, you can jot them on several apps available on Play Store. Journey is a great app to record your experiences.


Wake up early

Now this is one habit you’ve got to inculcate. However irritating it might be to wake up early in the morning, it is something you cannot avoid. It is around this time when you will get a chance to witness the beauty of any destination at its best.


Know local laws

Laws differ from country to country and what might be casual for your home country may be illegal at your travel destination. Be aware of laws. You wouldn’t want to get penalized in an unknown land.
A few more points to keep in mind include:

  • Use good quality shoes
  • Keep soft and hard copies of your passport and important documents
  • Know the address of the embassy
  • Be prepared to sleep anywhere, airport, bus, reception, museum, whatever!
  • Live. Love. Laugh.


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