Crispy & Shapeless

Written by: Prakash G

I am a software consultant and foodie, loves to prepare, serve and eat tasty food items, but strictly vegetarian :)

What: Rava Dosa
Where: Seasons, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Chennai

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Rava dosa:

This is one of my favorite dishes for breakfast and for evening appetite. If Rava Dosa is served with three chutnies in our national flag colours; white, red and green flavoruing with broken nut, onion and mint respectively.

Bread Toast:

Bread Toast is another favorites to feed on during my breakfasts & evenings. Unlike Rava Dosa it does not require greasing when it cooked using the electric toaster. I like to have it with Tomato & Chilli sauce. At times, I like to have it with corn paste/sauce.

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