12 Best Places In The World To Photograph

Travel and photography go hand in hand! Whether you want to capture beautiful shots of a place where nearly nobody goes, or meet amazing people or simply shoot architecture, we've got 12 of the best places in the world to go! Take a pick!

1. The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland- Countryside Goodness

Au natural in its very existence is the picturesque view of country of Ireland. The Slieve Mish mountain range runs for miles, peaks supporting the white clouds above. The countryside boasts of lush frondescence which rolls over hills and valleys, farms and villages, down steep sea cliffs meeting the Atlantic far below. The wild beauty of Dingle is compelling enough to call out for a revisit, time and time again. It has been featured in multiple Hollywood films for its sheer beauty.


2. The Wave, Arizona- Sandy Formations

For 20 select few individuals each day, a permit to The Wave is granted making its way to bucket lists across the globe. Contrary to common belief that The Wave was carved from water, it was actually carved out of sand.

Windy days find you at the bitter receiving end of the sand storms, giving you an estimate of the speed at which the sand blows across The Wave. From the second you step in to the minute you leave, an aura of captivity engulfs you.  Photographed at day, the essence of the Wave is accentuated.


3. Maruata Bay, Mexico- Stunning Views

Shy away from the tourist buzzing areas of Mexico and head on down to the coast, in particular the Michoacan state. Maruata is essentially a fishing village which comes with the grand nickname of being a hippie haunt. Across cliffs and wetlands, it is haunted by the presence of unique birds and sea turtles.

If ever you found the desire to capture the Pacific green turtle in its natural habitat, Maruata is the place to be. Of waves crashing against cliffs, beach sunsets devoid of interference and pelicans, it doesn’t get better than this. 


4. Socotra, Yemen- Pristine Waters In All Its Glory

The remote island of Socotra is nestled at the entrance of the Indian Ocean. During the times of the Cold War this was a forbidden land, but now is an integral part of Yemen.

The pristine blue waters along the shoreline are breathtaking. The northwest portion of the island hosts the stunning Qalansiyah Lagoon. Adrenaline shy folk, beware, for the cliffs are steep and one must cover quite a bit of land to find bottle trees and endemic plants. Panoramic shots that are absolutely stunning are in store at Socotra.


5. Mount Hood, US- Of Unending Possibilities

Explore Oregon in a single day to capture coastal, mountain, rainforest and desert images. Set your base up in Portland and venture out on a trip from Cannon Beach to Mount Hood.

As one travels across temperate rainforests of the prettiest kind, stunning cyan cliff beds await you. The rocky coastlines, snow capped peaks of Mount Hood, waterfalls at Mount Hood National Park, magical sunset and sunrises as well as the Painted Hills and the Blue Basin are to die for.


6. Saskatchewan, Canada- Treasure Hunt Along The Way

Flock to Banff National Park in Alberta for its mountains and lakes as landscape shots await your presence. Hidden gems such as old farms and homesteads surrounded by lush grasslands along the rural back roads untouched by tourists are picturesque beyond a doubt.

Acres of yellow canola flowers spread for miles, most of which are nowhere close to being camera shy. Battlefield sites in the Northwest along with that old prairie feel to the region is something you do not want to miss out on. Prairie ponds and lakes coupled with the bridges of Saskatoon at dusk lay in store for you.


7. Easter Island, Chile- Not the camera shy kind

What marks this island as perpetual is that it’s one of those virgin lands, untouched by tourism. The Rapa Nui Festival at the Easter Island is an exceptional experience as you bear witness to some of the most incredible traditions and competitions among the locals.

From banana races, triathlons, dancing, singing and night concerts, there is hardly any stone left untouched. Moai statues across Easter Island are wonderful posers especially at the break of dawn when the stars are still visible in the sky.


8. Sri Lanka- Of Rich heritage

This destination offers a plethora of photo ops in terms of ancient treasures as well as modern culture is the wonderful land of Sri Lanka. Its history dates all the way back to paleolithic settlements. From Buddhist temples, the rock fortress of Sigiriya and coastal fishing villages, you could visit all of them in a relatively short span of time. Capture the colorful local culture as you mix with locals of the friendliest kind. Sixth century Catholic monasteries, and portraits of fishermen along the coastline are must get shots.


9. Annapurna Circuit Trekking, Nepal- Heightened glory.

As majestic as all treks in Nepal are, those on the Annapurna Circuit are one of the best. The Ghandruk Trek or steeper Mustang Canyon Trek is one of the most enticing of its kind. One of the lower points of the Kali Gandaki Gorge is also said to be among the deepest in the world.

Take a step back in time to a pre-industrial farming community in Mustang. Photograph farmers working at high altitudes with no machinery at all, a rarity beyond doubt.  Hikes are arduous, but the views make up for it. Cloud drifts towards snow-capped mountain peaks along with shale and sandstone formations are breathtaking and a memory you will cherish forever!


10. Victoria Falls, Zambia- Simply breathtaking

The Victoria Falls are astoundingly photogenic. The unique gorge carved out by the water alongside the bridge forming the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe are astounding. Beautiful islands along the river find frequent visitors in elephants. Definitely a must visit for photographers of all kinds.


11. Bora Bora- Blue Lagoon

The small South Pacific island of Bora Bora lies northwest of Tahiti. Sand-fringed motus (islets) and a turquoise lagoon surrounds this lovely island which is protected by a coral reef. Scuba diving is a highly anticipated activity here at Bora Bora. At the center of the island lies center the dormant volcano of Mt. Otemanu, 727m above sea level. With two extinct volcanoes, protected by a turquoise lagoon this island has a lot of panoramic shots to offer.


12. Tikal, Guatemala- Of prehistoric times.

Tucked into the lush Maya Biosphere Reserve of northern Guatemala is the Tikal National Park which covers 222 square miles. It is the largest existing site of the pre-Columbian civilization. The foggy mornings are perfect for etching memories that will remain for a lifetime to come. Unrealistic beauty that is ethereal, captured by the lens of your camera.

Beauty behold! There’s beauty all around if one just manages to have the penchant to behold it.


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