10 Indian Destinations To Give Your BFF ‘The Perfect Bachelorette’!


Her notebook was the one in which you doodled the names of your crushes. She was the one who spoke up if anybody so much as raised their voice at you! She was the one who gave all the ‘proxy’ attendance for you and she is still the one you would ring up at 2 in the night after being sloshed just to say, “You know what! We are gonna be Besties forever! ”


However, things are changing now; she is ready to take the vows that will bind her to her partner for life. She is going to be the apple of everyone’s eyes, dressed in all her finery and completing the picture of a fairytale bride… but, wait! Something else needs to be done before that!

You need to give her that one dream, freak out vacation, the bachelorette party of a lifetime that she will never forget! So, gang up your girls and think of ideas to make this vacation a memorable one, because we have a list of places ready for you.



A weekend out with a glass of wine is the perfect recipe to help those last minute cold feet! And Nasik Vineyards are the best place to sip it. Let time just fly by and share the deepest, darkest fears and secrets with your BFF than a villa in the vineyards of Nasik? Laze around in the cool shade of trees or take a walk through the lush, green vineyards.



The bride-to-be deserves a breath away from the dizzying preparations, shopping and hobnobbing with the relatives, doesn’t she? The tropical beaches of Pondicherry are a perfect respite. Make her a scrapbook, share old embarrassing memories and let her unwind before the big day!



Surprised to see this traditionally honeymoon destination on the list? Wait a moment! Jaipur is perfect for your BFFs and you who love shopping and getting a feel of the royalty. The tie and dye variety of scarves, skirts and blouses will just take your breath away, as will the royal palaces and forts!



You know your BFF the best and if you think she is an adrenaline junkie, then there could be no better place for her bachelorette than an adventure sports themed bachelorette party at Rishikesh! Battle the gushing rapids of the Ganga River, zipline across jaw dropping landscapes, and scream out all the rebellion in her and you with an exhiliarating bungee jumping adventure!


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Forever your buddy for all the beachy destinations, your ocean loving buddy would surely love a beach themed bachelorette getaway! Explore all the mystic marine beauties with here as you pepper the vacation with some exciting water adventure. Go snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing or even deep sea diving. Let her have the one last single girl trip, like she will never forget! Moreover, you can even find out many more skiing destinations in india  to hangout with family and friends.



For the eternal romantic, fairy-tale bride, the royal escapes of Udaipur are the picture-perfect destination!  Treat her to a heady dose of pampering, luxury and opulence on a king-size vacation splurge. The beautiful lakes and skies are sure to enchant you and give your BFF a much needed time off while you spin stories of her and her Prince Charming!


Jim Corbett National Park

If you and your girls are more of wilderness lovers then there is no better place than a wildlife sanctuary for you! How about taking a trip down to Uttarakhand and visiting the famous Jim Corbett National Park? Need we tell you more about this helluva destination! And of course what better place could there be to have an open girl to girl talk than in a sanctuary where all you are surrounded by is trees and a bonfire cackling merrily?



And of course, if everything else becomes too much for you, the all you need to do is head to Gokarna! The quaint beach side town, which is a temple destination, is also one of the most serene sun and sand retreat. Chill out at the picturesque ‘OM’ beach or head off to the less populated but nonetheless beautiful Kudle or Half-moon beaches. Every beach has its own charm in Gokarna, she will definitely feel special for the gift of ‘doing nothing’ that you are giving her.



How dare we leave out the charming backwaters of Kerala? Allepey offers you a wonderful respite from the regular. Gather your girlfriends, plan up, pack up and head off to the lovely houseboats of Allepey. The charming backwaters and the lilting rhythm of the waves are sure to lull you all into a lush sense of calm. Prep her up for her exciting journey ahead, share all the insider tips, sing nostalgic songs and make sure she never forgets this breakout of a lifetime.



If nature’s baby is what your BFF is, then you must take her and your gang and head off to Cherrapunji, where India’s largest and most beautiful Nohkalikai Falls cascade from a height 340 metres. Mimic a walk down the aisle on the peculiar living root bridges and marvel the beauty of the falls that will surely take your breath away! Come to these gorgeous natural beauties and give your BFF the vacation of a lifetime, before she takes the most important vows of her life.


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