10 Popular Ramzan Delicacies



Ramzan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar. This sacred month is observed by Muslims worldwide to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, according to Islamic belief. However, the date and time of Ramzan month vary every year, since the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar cycle.

During this month, Muslims seek mercy, attention and rewards from Allah by fasting from dawn to dusk. Meals are only served before sunrise and after sunset. The pre-dawn meal before the fast is called the ‘Suhoor’, while the meal served after sunset that breaks the fast is the ‘Iftar’. However, both the ‘Suhoor’ and ‘Iftar’ meals contain a variety of snacks, appetizers, drinks and desserts. Full of flavor and goodness, the food is either served at home along with family, in the mosques or other designated places.

Well here’s our list of top 10 Ramzan foods that you must try this season:

1. Haleem

Haleem tops the list of the best Ramadan food in India. It is a scrumptious mutton preparation slow-cooked along with lentils, broken wheat, and spices. This dish is usually prepared for ‘Iftar’ due to its high nutritional value, revitalizing nature, and comforting porridge-like texture.


2. Kebabs

During this holy month, kebabs are made in almost every Muslim household kitchen. To prepare this dish, chunks of chicken or mutton are marinated in a unique preparation of yogurt and spices, for a more distinct flavor.  Aromatic and appetizing this dish is impossible for any true non-vegetarian to resist. 


3. Chicken Shawarma 

Shawarma is a popular middle-east dish prepared during Ramzan. It is nothing but, thinly sliced chicken or mutton, wrapped in a pita bread with veggies and sauce. Lip smacking and delicious, Shawarma is an all-time favorite, of all food lovers.


4. Kheema Samosa

Kheema samosa or minced meat samosa is a must have during Ramzan. No ‘Iftar’ celebration is complete without this snack.

Kheema samosas are crispy from outside and moist from within. The outer layer is made with all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour, whereas the filling has everything that Indian taste buds would crave for – hot, spicy and zesty.


5. Mutton Resala

Mutton Resala is an authentic Bengali dish. It is prepared with bony mutton pieces marinated in yogurt and sautéed with cashew and poppy seed paste with Indian spices.
Favorable and amazingly aromatic, this dish is best enjoyed with paratha or naan. 


6. Dum Biryani

This dish is prepared in every Muslim home and in every non-vegetarian restaurant during Ramzan.  It is made with basmati rice, mutton, and spices. Mixed with the richness of ghee and saffron this dish is deliberately designed to win hearts.

Goat meat is commonly used to prepare Dum Biryani, however, other variations use chicken instead of goat, depending on the preference of flavor and taste.


7. Falafel 

Falafel is a deep-fried ball or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. They are often served along with hummus, and tahini sauce during ‘Iftar’ celebrations. Delicious and delectable, Falafel is a favorite Ramzan snack in India and worldwide.


8. Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is a rich Mughlai dessert made during Ramzan.  Where ‘Sheer’ stands for milk and ‘Khurma’ stands for dates. The texture and sweetness of this dessert is so unique, that it prides to have many foodie fans during the holy month.


9. Aflatoon

Aflatoon is a really special sweet served during Ramzan. Its rich and mesmerizing taste is sure to linger for a long time. Made of pure ghee and nuts and packed in small packets, it is the ideal way to end a Ramzan meal!


10. Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is a common sharbat prepared during Ramzan. It includes herbs, fruits, veggies, flowers, and roots. It's brilliant fragrance, special flavor and cooling effect make it unique and special from the other drinks.
In India, Rooh Afza syrup is often mixed with kulfi ice cream and vermicelli noodles for a more distinct flavor and taste. .
While Eid-ul-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan, its food that plays an important role during the holy month. It connects people and makes the holy month more meaningful and divine.
So if you are yet to relish these lip smacking food specialties of Ramzan, go ahead and try some before the month ends!


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