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Flight delays, road blocks, long flights; these travel hiccups are nothing less than a nightmare for parents. Their problems start with cranky kids and end with tantrums of ‘Let’s go home’, not to forget the conveniently timed ‘I’m hungry’ rants. In an age where mobile apps are used to manage mundane issues like finding a toilet (Sit and Squat), why not use them to make travel with kids easy? Chaitali Mehendale went ahead and did just that! Here’s her list of top rating educational apps that will make your family trips come alive with fun based learning.

#1 AppyStore Kids Learning Videos

Best Suited For: 1.5 – 6 years
Cost: Free on Google Play Store & Apple App Store

Why Should I Download It?

  •  The app content has been crafted by experts, specifically for kids between 1.5 to 6 years of age.
  •  Thousands of videos in different categories ensure there is no time for boredom! Moreover, it has an ad-free and secure online environment that keeps the unwanted elements at an arm’s length.
  •  The app also lets you watch videos offline, which means kids are entertained even at locations with low Internet connectivity.
  •  Videos on drawing, colouring, craft and origami will help your child explore their creative side.
  • It also suggests fun parent-kiddie games and activities that will keep you and your kids occupied in the hotel room, car or at the airport.


AppyStore Kids Learning Videos offers the perfect blend of fun & learning

#2 FirstCamera – The Camera for Kids

Best Suited For: 4-9 years
Cost: Free on Apple App Store
Alternate Option: Kids Camera on Google Play Store

Why Should You Download It?

  • This is an absolute must-have app if your kids love to capture memories on your phones.
  • Most parents would agree; when it comes to clicking photographs, kids do not understand the word STOP. To save your gallery from looking like an abstract art, the pictures get stored on the app itself and not on your camera roll.
  • Not just that, your kids can play around with filters, stickers, speech bubbles, sunglasses, hats, moustaches and more.
  • The app also doesn’t let your little photographer email/tweet/message or print any photo accidentally.

FirstCamera – The perfect camera app for kids

#3 Barefoot World Atlas

Best Suited For: All ages
Cost: INR 300 on Apple App Store
Alternate Option: World Map Atlas on Google Play Store 

Why Should You Download It?

  • Barefoot World Atlas, lets’s your child spin and zoom across the world, with the tap of a finger. It is an interactive 3D globe that helps them discover famous landmarks, amazing wildlife, astonishing natural features and significant buildings.
  • It also has a myriad of photos and videos to keep your kids engrossed.
  • Barefoot World Atlas app ensures that kids are not just bored spectators on a holiday. It’ll help them ask questions, find answers and learn along the way.

Barefoot World Atlas is also a great way to involve your kids in the holiday planning process

#4 Sesame Street eBooks


Best Suited For: 2-5 years
Cost: INR 270/ month on App Store, Free on Play Store

Why Should You Download It?

  • This e-book subscription app focuses on skills that prepares your kids for pre-school. It covers various topics, such as letters, numbers and colours, among others.
  • With the help of Elmo and friends, characters of the popular kids show Sesame Street, the app teaches kids to read, listen and watch.
  • The app is updated with new books on a regular basis for free.


Let Sesame Street’s popular characters work their charm through this great app

#5 Nat Geo’s Weird But True


Cost: Free on App Store
Best Suited For: 5-12 years
 Alternate Option: 10500+ Cool Facts on Play Store

Why Should You Download It?

  • Did you know, ‘Didaskaleinophobia’ is the fear of going to school? If your kid is a fan of fun facts, then this may just be the perfect app for you!
  • Weird But True has more than 900 kid-friendly facts that are handpicked by National Geographic Kids. To make things easier for your little ones, the facts are divided into various categories like animals, weather, space, science, etc.
  • You can even read out the facts to your kids, ask them questions and have a fun time.

The fun & informative facts available on this app are not just great for the kids, but parents too

About The Author

Chaitali Mehendale

Chaitali Mehendale is an avid reader and traveller. She loves to enhance her travel experiences by being well-informed about her choice of destination. Chaitali hopes to ultimately create her own travel blog sometime soon.



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