20 Wacky Cocktails Around the World. How many have you had ?


Mix it up, drink it down and have a gala time with friends, family or just by yourself! What are we talking about? Cocktails, of course! These colorful concoctions made famous world over by pop culture are one of the best ways to gulp down your share of alcohol!


Be it the ‘Shaken, not stirred’ Martini of James Bond, or the quintessential ‘Cosmopolitans’ from Sex and the City girl gang; they have become an inseparable part of our lives and our culture.

Sip in the flavors of the world as we bring to you 20 heady cocktails, their origins and ingredients  that will make you go around the world, literally and figuratively!


The Refreshing Mojito

Claim to Fame: The best cure for a hot summery day! Consists of: Limes, Soda, Mint and lots of Ice
Originated in:  Cuba
Main Spirit: White Rum


The sweet and milky concoction Pina Colada

Claim to Fame: The silent killer!
Consists of : Pineapple Juice and Coconut Cream
Originated in: Puerto Rico, baby!
Main Spirit: Rum, preferably Malibu


The Chic Cosmopolitan

Claim to Fame: The Sex and the City Girl Gang
Consists of: Lime, Triple Sec and Cointreau
Originated in: New York, ( Just a guess!)
Main Spirit: Vodka!


The spicy seductress Bloody Mary

Claim to Fame: The night drinking games and horror stories!
Consists of : Tomato Juice, Worcestershire Sauce, Salt, Pepper and Celery stalk
Originated in: New York!
Main Spirit: The Vodka again.


The Unusual White Russian

Claim to Fame:  A cocktail made with Milk, made famous by the dude in ‘Big Lebowski’
Consists of: Coffee Liqueur,  Cream, Ice
Originated In: Belgium
Main Spirit:  Vodka.


The ‘Bond’s’ Drink Martini

Claim to Fame: Named after the famous Vermouth selling Firm Martini and Rossi
Consists of: Dry Vermouth, Gin and twist of Lime and Olive
Originated in: Most Likely in Italy
Main Spirit: Vermouth and Gin


The Upbeat and Vibrant Caiprinha

Claim to Fame: National drink of Brazil
Consists of: Cachaça, Lime and Ice
Originated in: Brazil (duhh!)
Main Spirit: Cachaça


The gorgeous Tequila Sunrise

Claim to fame: The song by a band called Eagles
Consists of: Orange Juice and Grenadine Syrup
Originated in: Arizona
Main Spirit: Tequila


The Sweet and sour Singapore Sling

Claim to Fame: THE original drink of Singapore
Consists of: Cherry Liqueur, Bendectine,  Pineapple Huice, Lime Juice and some bitter Angotsura
Originated in: Singapore, by a bartender called Ngiam Tong Boon
Main Spirit: Gin


The Italian charm of Bellini

Claim to Fame: Named after a painting of an Italian Painter Giovanni Bellini
Consists of: Peach Puree
Originated in: Italy
Main Spirit: Prosecco Sparkling Wine


The Old School Sazerac

Claim to Fame: The original drink of New Orleans, oldest American Cocktail
Consists of: Sugar, Cognac and Peychaud’s Bitters
Originated In: New Orleans
Main Spirit: Absinthe


The Head Turner – Negroni

Claim to Fame: The cocktail that will impress you and your company
Consists of: Vermouth, Campari, Orange Peel
Originated in: Florence, Italy
Main Spirit: Gin, Vermouth, Campari


The Colourful Bramble

Claim to Fame: The drink of choice in all of UK
Consists of: Blackberry Liqueur, Fresh Berries and Lime
Originated in: Soho District, London
Main Spirit: Gin


The tropics in a glass; Mai Tai

Claim to Fame: The refreshing feel of the beach in a glass
Consists of: Pineapple, Orange and Lime Juice
Originated in: Oakland, California
Main Spirit: White and Gold Rum


The Surprisingly Tasty Pisco Sour

Claim to Fame: Local drink of Both Peru and Chile, both countries celebrate a national Pisco Sour Day
Consists of: Egg Whites and Lime
Originated In: Peru
Main Spirit: Pisco Sour, Local Liqueur made from grapes


The Man’s Drink Manhattan

Claim to Fame: Premiered at a banquet hosted in honor of a presidential candidate Samuel J Tilden. Concocted by Dr. Ian Marshall!
Consists of: Sweet Vermouth, Bitters
Originated in: Manhattan
Main Spirit: Whiskey


The drink with a story Tom Collins

Claim to Fame: Tonnes of stories including a mass prank played on wary people in New York and London in the year 1874
Consists of: Lemon Juice, Lime Juice and Soda
Originated in: London
Main Spirit: Gin


The Refreshing Sangria

Claim to Fame: An accompaniment to hordes of Brunch and Gossip sessions
Consists of: Chopped Fruit, Brandy and Honey or Sugar Syrup
Originated in: Barcelona, Spain
Main Spirit: Red or White Wine


The Heady Long Island Iced Tea

Claim to Fame: Strongest highball cocktail  with 22% concentration
Consists of: ALCOHOL!
Originated In: New York or Tennessee
Main Spirits: Gin, Vodka, Tequila, Rum and Triple Sec


The Big Bang Theory drink- Grasshopper

Claim to Fame: Used as an after dinner drink by most households. Also the drink that got the shy Raj Koothrapalli to talk to girls in an episode of Big Bang Theory
Consists of: Mint Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur and fresh cream
Originated in: Tujague’s Bar, New Orleans
Main Spirit: Liqueurs


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