Delicious snacks to go with your cup of tea


No matter where you live or what kind of tea you prefer, a cup of tea with some finger-licking snacks is always better than one without. Feast on these all-time favourite tea-time snacks to pep up your tea time.


Chai Puri

No surprises here! Chai puri is one of the most popular tea-time snacks with a name that sings its own glory. Enjoy it with your tea and gobble some up after the last sip too. This snack is so ridiculously addictive that no one will judge you for the tea-time hogging.

Bite-Sized Sandwiches

Sandwiches happen to be an absolute favourite. Transform your favourite sandwich recipe into small chunks and secure the delicious layers with toothpicks to make your tea party a huge hit!

Baked Samosas

While a samosa can almost never go wrong, having some baked samosas filled with dry fruits, can take care of your calorie intake without any compromises on taste.

Pound Cakes

There is always time for tea and room for cake. The combination of cake and tea is so celebrated that it has been mentioned in numerous literary classics such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma. It’s time to jazz up your tea time British style, but don’t wait for Mrs.Hudson to serve you!


Pakoras are indeed a community proclaimed tea-time snack. While a simple cut-dip-fry pakora is a delicacy in itself, its richer versions involve meticulously prepared vegetable fillings as well.

Namkeen Mixture

The saviour of all hostelers alike, the legendary namkeen has stood the test of time and will never cease to be the perfect pan-generation snack.

With these snacks to pair your cuppa with, your affini-tea to tea-time is bound to double!


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