Make the best summer drink: Infused water


The elixir of life is also a weight watcher’s best friend. You may love your teas and coffees and juices, but no beverage can play the role that water does in your life! But if you want to add a little more interest to your water – visually and taste wise – may we suggest trying infused water. Forget the ubiquitous lemon slices in water and think outside the bottle. The variety of fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs mean that the possibilities are endless and you can make yourself a new kind of infused water every day of the year.


 The best part? This homemade mix can keep you hydrated and ensure that you stay off sodas. Ergo, weight loss!

How do you do it? Let your imagination take wings for there are no rules. Mix and match any of these ingredients in proportions that you like and enjoy!



Cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, fresh ginger, cloves, vanilla bean, pepper 

Edible flowers

Rose, lavender, hibiscus, citrus blossoms


Melon, berries (fresh or frozen), pineapple, tropical fruits, mousambi, oranges, apples, pears


Carrots, cucumber, celery, fennel

How do you do it

Cut the fruits/veggies into super-thin slices as that will hasten the infusion of flavours. Pop them into water, preferably in a glass jar and let sit for a few hours. The longer the water sits, the more it will gain in terms of flavour. However, keep an eye as some fruits – especially the citrus variety- or herbs infuse more quickly than others. Once done, drink up or put into the refrigerator. You can refill the water a couple of times but the intensity of flavours will drop significantly.

Keep in mind

Make sure you look for organic produce and herbs whenever possible. Opt for fresh and firm fruits and vegetables. Smaller herbs can be tied up in a muslin cloth and let into the water if you don’t like them getting into your mouth. Store your infused waters in airtight jars or jugs and put into the refrigerator. They stay well in the refrigerator for about a week but we suggest making and drinking it fresh every day.


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