The Artists You need to Know this Season

Traditional motifs, spirituality, the meaning of life and the undying love for nature— seen through the lens of our modern sensibilities, the artworks that we have for you are unforgettable. This season is all about the new aesthetic— reinvention, reinterpretation and revival.

Whether it is mixed media, egg tempera on handmade paper or oil on canvas, Artflute’s picks of the season are an intoxicating show of the hottest talents right now.

From the richly textured brilliance of Vijit Pillai’s Pride of Peacocks to the contradictory harmony of Basuki Dasgupta’s The Watcher, this selection of contemporary artworks that tips its hat to the traditional is what makes the new aesthetic so eminently covetable.

Drawing from our rich traditions of music, religion, history, culture and nature, these brilliant artists combine contemporary styles with touches of the classic. If you’re an original thinker— a person who loves modern styles with a traditional heart and revels in the resurrection of classic weaves, start your own collection of the new aesthetic!

If you have been pining for art that makes a statement, look no further!