French Toast Omelette

Sometimes, Goddess Annapurna smiles on you in the most unexpected ways. Yesterday, I was looking for a quick-fix breakfast dish of eggs and bread (pao). French Toast (that divine marriage of egg and bread) has always occupied a special place in my foodie memory, and in the past I have tried (to not much success) to recreate supreme fluffiness in scrambled eggs by adding pieces of bread in the beaten eggs (theoretically, the bread should have fluffed up with reality, it became a soggy mess)

But yesterday, the Goddess bestowed her blessing, the idea bulb sparked on in my head and in 5 minutes flat, I had the delicious breakfast dish of my dreams- a fluffy pillowy omelette with crisp golden-brown edges.

Here's how you can make it:

Prep Time: 2 minutes
Making Time: 2 minutes


  • 2 eggs
  • 1 pao (day old, or better still, kept in the fridge so it goes all brittle)
  • 2 small green chillies (adjust to taste)
  • Few leaves of pudina (mint)
  • Splash of milk (2 tablespoons, maybe?)
  • Salt
  • Oil (butter would be better)


  • Cut the pao into 1.5-inch cubes.
  • Lightly whip the eggs with salt, milk, chopped chilies and hand-torn pudina- no need to whisk a lot to get air into the mixture, just enough to mix it all up
  • Add the oil/butter to a small non-stick pan (7 inches diameter or so) and turn on the gas to low
  • Add half the bread cubes to the egg mix and turn them over so all sides absorb the egg. Since the bread is dry, this wont take more than 15-20 seconds
  • Place the bread cubes into the hot pan one by one (make a single layer)
  • Tumble in the rest of the bread cubes, stir well and empty the bowl into the pan (over the bread already there) and shake it around so that the bread cubes form a single layer and the liquid egg forms a base that binds all the bread together
  • Cook on low flame till it starts smelling divine and the omelette starts separating from the pan at the edges
  • Turn the flame to medium, drizzle some extra oil along the edges and let the omelette's edges crisp up
  • Slide a thin spatula under the fluffy omelette and flip it over
  • Turn off the gas and let the bottom side cook in the pan's heat
  • Eat within seconds of cooking for maximum eating pleasure! No ketchup needed.


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