Mango Mania

Are you really smelling the sweet aroma of ripe mangoes or are you just dreaming because you are feeling malicious! It is not uncommon to wait for the summer season to be able to feast on mangoes.

Children or for that matter any individual of whatever age can never turn down an offer of ripe and sweet mangoes. There are even different ways of gorging this “king of fruits”, that you feel proud of having its yellow juice smeared all over your face. Make a small opening on top of the fruit and suck its contents with relish or scoop it up with a spoon into the 2 cut halves of the mango or slash vertical and horizontal lines through a cut half of a mango and just flare it open and bite off the mango cubes directly.  

It's fun, it's nutritious and hey! For a change, something we love is actually nourishing! Packed with potassium, Vitamin C, fibre, it takes care of your heart, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, fights cancer, aids digestion and gives you a glowing complexion.  

Go for sweet and tangy Mango Cucumber Salsa with a zest of lime, Mango Lassi , Mango Mocktail , Mango Pickles ,Mango Falooda , Mango Smoothies , Mango Milkshakes and of course, how can we go through the summer without the Mango ice-cream!

There are umpteen ways to relish this fruit and to turn your meals interesting. So beat the heat, stay cool and energised with a sense of contentment this summer with this comforting and soothing fruit.


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