Photography intrinsically nesseciates creativity in shooting the images in various styles and from different angles; however, to make every style and angle different, shooting locations play an indispensable role. While looking out for new great scenic beauties, a photographer needs to be well aware of the art of location scouting and various ways to look for new locations:-


A Photographer cannot feel more endowed than having the locations in his hand without even going out. The Mobile Apps are such a great pleasure for the photographers as these offer the best shooting locations online. ‘Stuck on Earth’ is one of the awesome mobile apps which could be easily and freely downloaded to the mobile phone to have the best shooting scenes for a creative photographer. The mobile app has been connected with Flickr and retrieves location data from the same and plots it on an attractive map for the users. Real photographers choose stunning views and shoot the beauty in their cameras and upload their personal favourites on the app for the particular location which proves to be of great help for the new ones.



What could be more promising than looking out for locations at your own? Filling the tank, turning on the engine and driving the path towards an indefinite destination makes the person go crazy with the imagination.

When there is nothing destined and defined, the most unexpected things come our way and this is how this method can be used perfectly to look for the locations which have never been captured by anyone. Exploring the highways, the small towns, the beach areas or the forest locations and much more offer the best scenic views this way. Every road has something to about itself; it just needs the right perspective from the right person.



 Someone who has stayed at a particular place since childhood might not have visited all areas of his/her town, city or village. Every place entails many perspectives to be shot and it is possible that one might have seen one location from only one perspective so it is always good to have others’ thoughts on the same and capturing their thoughts and perspectives on your own camera. Look for the locals, talk to them and see through their eyes to capture the best views for your best shots.



The old saying “Old is Gold”, seems outdated for the today’s fast moving online world. This is how the Guide books lead you through its friendly voice to the best locations with best visiting spots, parking spots, and the best times of the day to visit it. The Guide books also disclose what to expect at such locations which guide you in advance whether the locations are worth visiting or not.

While travelling through the state parks and such alluring locations with the help of instructions from the guide book, it even offers picturesque locations on its way. You could even submit your photos to the state park, and could get fortunate to get your photos printed in the next guide books. Try out some amazing guide books at Amazon and other retailers which you could accompany for your next trip. 



A single location may change in itself with the change in season and the day of the time. When a Photographer is looking out for new locations for his/her shoot, then the same locations could become a new shooting site for such reasons. Shooting at night and in another season makes the places look much more beautiful to be captured in cameras. Such changes open up an entirely new set of challenges and let you and your camera capture vibrant colors, hues, angles and perspectives which were far from your sight in the previous shoot.


6. Google Earth:-

Google has achieved excellence by indexing the world with photographs, and Google Google has achieved excellence by indexing the world with photographs, and Google Earth is no exception. Today, it is one of the most popular and well-aware website which is used by almost all even if the person is not a photographer. Google Earth has the highly endowed photographers with some of its best features of showing locations with picturesque features at home. This free tool lets you have some of the best geographical structures you never knew if those even existed. The eye captivating feature of "street view" allows the person to digitally walk the land and look for the special interests.



Finally, when nothing comes in hand from one’s own efforts then the best way is to use others’ experience and knowledge in the same field. Joining a photography club can let you have the best of the picturesque locations for photography. When you are at an expedition of shooting a new location, have a look at the local newspaper and park districts. A great experience awaits you in such forms when group members exchange their cool places along with holding photo walks which will let you search for different locations.


So, try these ways out and share your own experiences and ideas on how to choose the new locations which are creative and picturesque as always.


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