25 Picture Perfect College Reunion Destinations in India


College days – there is nothing better than this period of our life! All the fun we had, the mischiefs we did; live with us even till today. Those moments might have passed and become memories, but they still call us to take a walk back down the memory lanes and recreate those wonderful college days again! And when it’s about reliving those days, a reunion with our college mates bring us back those fun-filled and nostalgic moments once again.


Reunion trips are the most nostalgic and emotional ones. They not only create new memories but also make you relive the older ones! Having said all this, here is a list that will take you through the famous destinations that you visited or had planned to visit with your college gang. Go back there and walk back in your memory lane.


There is nobody who has not planned a trip to Goa during their college days! This beach beauty is the most famous destination for all the college going students. It is a place that carries you to your good old days in just a snap of the moment. Nothing better than this for a reunion, isn’t it?



Long weekend right around  the corner and you have already planned a road trip to the Scotland of India – Coorg! This must have happened to you at least once in your college life; then why not redo it? Look up on the calendar, plan now!




The younger sister of Goa, Gokarna is the second best beach destination we all have loved. Visit a few temples, do some sightseeing, try the adventure activities and chill out at the beach in the night! This allured us back then and so will it today.



Booze, beach and the French colony! We have all thought of this and pretended to be in France. That effort of planning a trip with limited budget would always find only one solution – Pondi! Live these precious moments again!



At least one friend who loves to trek or cycle is always a part of your gang; they will inspire you to visit places like Ooty. Activities like sightseeing, participating in some sort of adventure sport and exploring new places with friends is an experience worth cherishing. Go backpacking with them now!



Come one, come all; Mangalore is calling you! The destination that offers great food, beautiful beaches, city sightseeing and nature’s wonders; all in one stop. This place surely has made bucket lists of many; whether we have ticked it off or not, now is the time to visit it. Plan a reunion trip here!

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When serenity calls us we know it is Varkala! It is one of those calm places that you have visited or planned to visit after a super exhausting semester, it’s no different now; take a break from those hectic jobs, go back to your college days; get your friends together and make next stop as Varkala!



Up so high that you can touch the sky! Excitement of going on trips during college days can never be forgotten. Backpacking with your friends make the best memories out of college days and one of them definitely has been a trip to Chickmagalur. Nature called you then, it is calling you today; drive off to this beautiful hill station to bring back the good old days.



Stop doing the boring, feel the excitement of your college days, do something adventurous! Get into your sports shoes and ride off to Dandeli, a place that will not only recreate your good old days but will also make you feel younge


Dudh Sagar

Majestic stream of water gushes at you to take you back into the time capsule of those amazing days at college! Love for water during college days is till the moon and back; there is something extremely attractive about water that all our plans ended up either at the beaches or waterfalls. Feels like you want to do this again isn’t it? So do it!




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Cool climate and calm atmosphere will cater as the best stress buster for you. Along with exploring different activities and places at Wayanad you can also camp and live the nostalgic about the many plans you made to visit this place or the time that you and your friends spent together at Wayanad.



Being one of the most popular holiday destinations, you all must have definitely tried to make it to Nainital. A city full of lakes and nature’s beauty soothed you back then and so does it today. This place has helped you create beautiful memories that will remain with you for a lifetime; it is now calling you back to cherish the same memories again!



A holiday hub for all the college going students, Kasauli is definitely something that you must have not missed on! Refreshing climate and mesmerising nature accommodates all of us, and also offers a number of activities to try. It was something that you thought of, when you wanted to take a break from college; it should definitely be a place to have your reunion.



College romance and Lonavala must have been the best of friends that had made most of us rush to this place with our boyfriends or girlfriends. Apart from this, Lonavala reminds us of the crazy trips and the fun that we have had in those trips. It may be for romance or fun with friends, this place definitely deserves another try to relish those good old experiences.



The city of lakes is one that you explored with your friends to feel the royalty of the place. It must have definitely been one of those full-fledged plan where getting there must not have been easy as a college group, but once you were there the fun was way more than what you thought it could be.



The soft and sober Amritsar takes you on the path of divinity as Golden Temple is the biggest tourist spot in the city. Apart from this, the Wagah Border ceremony and the Jallianwala Bagh are two definite places to visit in Amritsar. Reading about them since your school days you must have visited it at least once in your college days; it’s time for you to visit them again.



Touching the feet of Himalayas, Dehradun is a perfect hill station to get away for all the college going students. It is also a going back to home experience for everybody like you who is planning a reunion soon!



Tired of trekking up and down the same old forests, we have at least once thought of something as exciting as snow trekking during our college days. Some of us must have even done it and we know how awesome it is; for the rest of us, reunion to Manali is the only way out in order to experience the thrill!



The adventure capital of India – Rishikesh has definitely been a part of our college vacation plans. While some of us have ticked it off, the rest of us need to pull up our socks get into our shoes and rush to this place, NOW!



It doesn’t take a lot to go to Ladakh, all it takes is a bike! Yes, we have been amused all our lives just by thinking about the Ladakh bike trips. It has been the number one thing on all our lists to tick off, unfortunately lot of us might not have got this chance; but it’s never too late you see! If not during college, let’s do this after college with college friends. Sounds like a perfect reunion, doesn’t it?



One of the most famous tourist destinations from the North, Shimla has also been a hub for college going students. The best way to reconnect to the old days is to go back to those days and relive them; gear up to visit Shimla and live your old days again.



Nestled in the arms of Himalayan ranges, Mussoorie can give you the best of travel experiences. Being one of the hotspots of travel in North India it has surely made it to all our holiday plans. This has created a number of memories for us and that makes it a perfect destination to reunite!



A hub for all the ‘fun’ and ‘food’ loving youngsters, Chandigarh has served every taste of life to you when you were in your college. It reminds you of those missed classes, bunked lectures and fun filled chats at the canteen. It can be stories of inside or outside college, Chandigarh can take you all the way to the day one of this amazing time! That’s quite an emotional connect!

Time to do something exciting in the sands of our country! Bored of all the regular trips and activities?  Jaipur becomes your next destination to explore the dessert safari, camping and camel rides. It gives you enough time to relax, chat and gossip about the age old tales of your college life!


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