Travel Made Easy For Parents: Airport Apps


Parents…wait, don’t classify airports as unpleasant yet! Chaitali Mehendale has some tricks up her sleeve that make long stopovers and delayed flights pretty much bearable. Her favourite tip is the use of mobile apps to pacify her kid and she found 6 of them that helped her husband and her overcome the dreaded kids-at-the-airport phobia. Get ready to take notes..


#1 Gate Guru

Best Suited For: Distressed Parents
Cost: Free on Google Play Store & Apple iTunes

Why You Should Download it?

  • Airports can be huge. And if there is anything worse than delayed flights, it is having to drag cranky kids through the airport, looking for places to eat.
  • Gate Guru solves all your airport related issues by helping you locate amenities within the airport terminals.
  • From play area for kids, restrooms, coffee shops to book stores and restaurants, everything is displayed on your mobile screen.
  • You can also check discounts available at airport shops and avail last-minute car rentals too.


Gate Guru helps parents locate the necessary airport facilities without any hassles

#2 FlightStats

Best Suited For: Distressed Parents
Cost: Free on Google Play Store & Apple iTunes

Why You Should Download it?

  • Hassled with delayed flights? We have another great app for you! FlightStats gives you access to all the latest flight information as and when you need it.
  • The app not only lets you track real time world-wide flight status, but also gives you information regarding departure and arrival times, delay indexes and the weather.

FlightStats, your one stop guide to everything related to flights

#3 Baby Lullabies

Best Suited For: Infants
Cost: Free on Google Play Store
Alternate Option: Baby Sleep Lullabies on Apple iTunes

Why You Should Download it?

  • A cranky and sleepy infant attracts more attention than a celebrity. Those side eye glares, annoyed huffs and exaggerated sighs by fellow passengers are a big holiday turn-off.
  • To save you some grief, the app Baby Lullabies acts like a charm in putting your kids to sleep.
  • It has over 16 classic lullabies that will calm your cranky little ones instantly.

The app not only has soothing lullabies but also calming wallpapers


#4 Kids Story Books – Kids Games

Best Suited For: 3-5 years
Cost: Free on Google Play Store
Alternate Option: Me Books on Apple iTunes

Why You Should Download it?

  • Got an extreme case of sugar rush or travel-induced anxiety on/at  hand? Then Kids Games is the perfect app for you!
  • Equipped with tons of free sing-along story books, this app introduces your preschoolers to a world of fun learning via songs, pictures, stories, narration and animations.

Introduce your kids to a world of songs, pictures, stories & animations with Kids Game


#5 A Family Matters

Best Suited For: Happy travelling families
Cost: 1.99$ on iTunes
Alternate Option: Meet Heckerty on Google Play Store

Why You Should Download it?

  • A Family Matters, this app centers around the ‘A family that plays together, stays together’ ideology and does an amazing job at keeping the entire family involved.
  • Stuck at the airport? Waiting for food? Long car journeys? Just download the app and indulge in a fun session of games and questions with your family.

A family that plays together, stays together


#6 White Noise Free

Best Suited For: All ages
Cost: Free on Google Play Store

Why You Should Download it?

  • One of the major issues that parents face while travelling is the change in cabin pressure during take-offs and landings. This discomfort can be downright scary for kids.
  • White Noise Free App helps you tackle cabin pressure by ensuring that your kids sleep peacefully by blocking out any distractions.
  • It also soothes headaches and migraines and prevents ringing in the ears. Moreover, if it’s too quiet, it generates sounds over a range of frequencies.
  • White Noise Free App also comes with an advanced timer system that slowly fades the audio and allows you to wake up naturally, all rejuvenated.

Take-offs and landings are no longer a issue with White Noise Free App

Hopefully these apps will help you leave the fear of airports behind, and not your kids! Know some more tips or apps that’ll help? Let us know in the comments section below.


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