The Futuristic Kitchen Table

Technology is surpassing everyday activity and making a productive world for all industries. Even though in future your way of cooking and mapping ingredients will become accurate. Tables in a kitchen will provide you precise data about an object placed on top of it.


You might not look for any more cooktop for your cooking. There will be a special gadget with a smart-light attached within the table, that detects vegetables, fruits, eggs, chicken and any other food item you put on the table.


If you place multiple food objects like some vegetables, milk, eggs etc., the table itself will highlight recipes that you can cook with those ingredients, providing you with detailed information on measurement of sugar, water, salt and masalas to be used for preparing a particular recipe. If you pour water, milk or any other liquid, the table and smart light will measure the exact amount you poured in the glass.


Future of kitchen and cooking will not be limited to measurement and guessing of recipes. The table itself will become a stove and mark a circular where temperature and time will be set automatically as per the recipe requires.


This new generation of table technology will save both, resources and time. Principally this table will have a camera-fitted projector that shows both recipes on a surface and recognizes ingredients. For cooking, there is an induction cooktop built-in, hidden on the surface of the table.


So the future of this table will make you lazier as ever before…because you won’t need to run between counters to get the hot dish ready. These futuristic kitchen tables are being built and tested in western countries’ labs. We expect these tables to reach our nation very soon and make Indian kitchens, especially cooking, a never before experience.


Cox and kings