Go Goa ! Here's how !

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Destination: New Delhi (India)


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India's most popular tourist destination, favourite beach holiday, favourite bachelor hangout, all these taglines point to one location- Goa!
Goa stretches longitudinally from south to north,about 70 km. South Goa is serene, secluded and quiet, perfect for family get-togethers, honeymooners who are allowed to be oblivious to the world around. Palolem beach and resorts around it are perfect for these kind of tourists.
But if you are looking for buzzing bazaars, happening beaches , water sports and discotheques , North Goa is the thing ! Calangute and Baga beaches are the most colorful beaches in North Goa. This is where the nightclubs, massage parlors and shacks are centered. This is where the mornings are resplendent with svelte bikini bods, the afternoons languid with beer, coconut water and fresh fruit and the action revs up in the evenings, the nightclubs get jampacked with zestful souls and the party stretches to wee hours. What is important to note is that while the tourists frolic at the beach, lifeguards keep a watchful eye, marshaling the visitors away from dangerous currents. The nightclubs are also effectively policed by bouncers, safety and discipline is unobtrusively ensured. Goa is blessed with a plethora of massage parlors where professional and experienced hands do a great job. There is this Thai massage parlor at Calangute, run by Manipuri girls that is very good. If you are a seafood lover, Goa is the place, if you are not too much into it then Goa is the place to start ! There are some great restaurants like Fat fish at Baga which offer great ambience along with super food. Most of the popular nightclubs like Titos permit stag entry but the rates for stags is steep, upto 2500. Mambos is a classy nightclub with hookas, good DJ, energetic dancers and yes stag entry at 2500 per head. There are a plethora of stay options in Goa, with hotels of all categories. A good homestay or private villas are highly recommended for the privacy htey offer, flexibility & affordability. Villas around Baga have fully equipped kitchens, vehicles on hire( self-driven) and their own swimming pools . too ! One can hire a self-driven Innova SUV for 2200, cook your own maggi-bread-eggs breakfast, order for home-delivery, lounge around with your own private group in the pool, all this at these villas.
So Go Goa and have the time of your life !

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