5 Indian Highway Eateries You Need To Stop By


There’s not s single person in this great nation, who does not understand the value of Dhabas. Apart from feeding hungry travelers, dhabas have successfully brought the authentic regional taste on the plate of the ever hungry Indian traveler. The hospitality of these dhabas cannot be matched in a brick and mortar restaurant or five star hotels. Dhabas, up to sometime back were just a stopover for weary travelers; but now, people have realized that these dhabas are a microcosm of the local culture. Their food, their preparations, and the taste have transformed them into a unique tourist destination.


We at Kuoni, with our amazing India Tour Package, bring you the five Indian Highway eateries or dhabas, which you should definitely stop by:


Mr. Sanjay Dhaba, Srinagar-Leh Highway


This dhaba is located just 50Kms outside Leh, on the Srinagar-Leh highway. This eatery is a modest arrangement of simple brick and concrete shack. Don’t be fooled with its appearance. This eatery can cast a spell with its aalooparatha and gobikisabzi. Nothing beats the combo of aalooparatha with chai in the cool Srinagar-Leh weather.
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Giani Da Dhaba, Kalka-Shimla Road

When in Shimla, eat like Himachalis. Giani Da Dhaba is a popular place on Shimla-Kalka road on NH22. The appearance of this place is in stark contrast to its name—Dhaba. It’s a well maintained eatery with great food and good ambience. This place is like a little reward for travelers exploring Shimla.


Karnal Haveli, Karnal

The outer appearance of this place does not resemble an authentic dhaba. However this place serves the most authentic Punjabi cuisine. Located on NH1 in Karnal, this place has the rustic outer appearance of a haveli. The interiors are, in contrast, modern and well furnished. In addition, this place has an amusement park for the kids! This is one place, which requires a special mention in an India Tour Package.


BhajanTadkaDhaba, Gajraula

Situated on NH24, this must be the most picturesque dhaba on Indian roads. Built with thatched hay-stacks this place is neat and clean. The dhaba offers great food at reasonable prices. The best things to try here are paneer butter masala, kadhipakora with garlic laccha, and let the taste linger in your head for the rest of your life.


Satara Highway Dhaba, Satara

This unique highway, located on NH4 is run by transgenders. I believe that it’s the only dhaba in the nation where transgenders are given this kind of respect and acceptance in the society. The dhaba offers unmatched hospitality, awesome chai, and capsicum masala are some of the things you ought to try there.

These are five of the best highway eateries we found suitable for our India Tour Package. We are sure there are numerous such places in this vast nation which even are yet to explore. Help us in this endeavor and suggest your favorite dhabas in the comments section.


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