‘Oh My God!’ You Are One Of The F.R.I.E.N.D.S When It Comes To Travelling


“I’ll be there for you when the rain starts to pour”, Oh! C’mon now could we be any-more specific?

Friends is one show that can keep you awake all night long, one does not simply go to sleep without watching an entire season. Whether its Joey’s ‘flirtatious’ charm or Phoebe’s ‘Who cares’ attitude, you just start clicking with each character.

Have you ever given a thought what type of a traveler would all these Friends characters be! Yeah we are pretty sure, by now you have started throwing your gears into thinking. Well, hold on as we have a little surprise for you.


Here is your cue to analyze what kind of a traveler are you, depending upon your favorite characters from this classic show. Read on! Let us know what type of a Friends traveler are you?



▸ Nobody can really mess with your “I know” attitude. So, it is always you who decide the destination for the entire group.

▸ You are very particular about the travel itinerary and expect all your friends to follow it point-by point.

▸ You force your friends to pack weeks before the trip.

▸ You cannot sleep without reminding your buddies for ‘nth’ time to keep their passports and tickets.

▸ While on a trip, you consider every activity as a competition to prove you are the best.

Where you should go: Mawlynnong



▸ You are well versed with all the facts and history of the place that you are visiting.

▸ You like off-beat, architectural destinations and often your selected places are booed down by your buddies.

▸ You believe in doing everything with accuracy even when “You are on a break”

▸ ‘Bang for a buck’ is your mantra of vacationing. Or in more lighter note, you do everything with the motive of getting close to ‘Paisa-Vasool’

▸ Of course, you just can’t leave a hotel without taking all complementary things.

Where you should go: Shanti Stupa



▸ You are totally dependent on others, when it comes to planning for a trip. After all, “Nooooo” way you can plan it on your own.

▸ You are busy deciding what you will wear while vacationing than remembering the name of the place that you are visiting.

▸ You easily get swayed with other’s choices while on a trip.

▸ You have to be reminded by others to carry your tickets and passports.

▸ No matter how much time you get, you still are never done with your packing ever.

Where you should go: Udaipur



▸ You are ready to spend as much as your friends want while vacationing.

▸ You are sarcastic about everything: place, people, food.

▸ You do not believe in trying anything new or anything adventurous.

▸ You are the ‘funny-bone’ of the group right from the starting till the end of your vacation. Now, could you be any more funnier?

▸ Well, while away; you just do not like interacting with new people.

Where you should go: Goa



▸ You always have someone sponsoring your trip

▸ You just do not know what they mean by ‘packing’ for the trip

▸ You are the heartthrob, and can pull anything with that charming smile and of course “How you doinn?”

▸ You have the sheer confidence to commit any blunder and that too with perfection.

▸ You walk extra miles for some delicious sandwiches and of course you just don’t like sharing them with anyone.

Where you should go: Delhi



▸ You first step out of your house and then decide where to travel.

▸ You are certainly the most hippie traveler in your entire group.

▸ You just don’t care what people think about you.

▸ You always keep humming and are ready with a song all during the trip -”Smelly cat, smelly cat”

▸ You do not mind trying anything new while you are away…unless it is vegetarian or not made from furr.

Where you should go: Manali



▸ You love travelling to ‘wonderfully weird’ places

▸ You like your ‘Lady love’ decide the place for you two to travel.

▸ You blend easily with everyone while on a trip

▸ Well, you do get a little crazy at times and do not mind trying anything new such as “Crap Bag”

▸ You know how to balance things quite well.

Where you should go: Manali



▸ ‘Ohh..My..God’! You are the annoyingly cute traveller

▸ You are more of a solo traveler

▸ You just like doing things your way.

▸ You always have ‘I’m the shizz’ attitude even while travelling

▸ You kind of pester others with your annoyingly extended laughter.

Where you should go: Mumbai


Richard Burke

▸ You are certainly the most mature and know everything about travelling and places

▸ You just do not force your choices on others while travelling

▸ You are too old to try new things

▸ You are the best company one can have on a trip

▸ You do not mind interacting with new people on a trip.

Where you should go: Rajasthan


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