6 Brilliant Travel Buys To Keep Your Toddler Full, Safe & Entertained!


Kids need your love and support. They need a hand to hold on to as they walk along cobbled streets in strange lands. But there are things (other than you) that they’ll need for the perfect holiday. Things that help you take a back-seat and relax on a family holiday.


Rashmi Deshpande, mother to an adorable 1 and a half year old, updates us on the best travel buys for kids, where to find them, and how you can use them for a stress-free time with your little munchkins.

Rashmi’s baby girl enjoys pool time with a little help from her dad & the ‘Swimways Power Swimr’

My daughter was every travelling parent’s dream come true. Till she discovered how to walk. That’s when all hell broke loose! She’d be out the hotel room door before I could say, “You’re not wearing clothes!” She’d be kissing a cat on its mouth before I could scream “Allergy!” And she’d be halfway onto the luggage carousel before my husband registered that she’d slipped out of his arms.

But a few trips and a lot of learning later, things have gotten better. Now our little one sits for long moments without one of us bear hugging her so she can’t move. She reads books to entertain herself, instead of entertaining random strangers by calling them “Pappa!”.  And she also appreciates the places we go to and the things we do there, much more than when she was a milk-drinking lump of joy.

But we’ve had some help. Along the way, we’ve picked up a couple of things that have made long transits fun, car rides manageable and travel, much safer. Here they are!


#1 Trunki Ride On Suitcase

What Is It?

The Trunki is a child-sized suitcase on wheels. It’s small enough for your toddler to sit and ride around on, and big enough to fit everything your child will need on-board a flight.

Compact, yet spacious enough to fit everything your child will need; geniusbabies.com

The Trunki will ensure your child enjoys the whole process of packing!; geniusbabies.com

Why I Like It

Long lines? Let your child sit on the Trunki. Stuck in transit? Open the Trunki and pull out their favourite toy/book/activity. Long walk to your destination? Just wheel them along as you go. The Trunki is compact, it’s hardy, and it comes in vibrant colours and themes. It’ll help you instill a sense of responsibility, independence and organisational skills in your little one. Just involve them in the packing process, and help them take responsibility for the suitcase and everything in it.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

Buy the Trunki online from firstcry.com for ₹ 3,114/-


#2 WoW Cup

What Is It?

The WoW cup is a 360 degree, spill-proof cup with a silicon food-grade cover. It’s great for milk-based drinks, juices, and water; cold and room-temperature liquids.

Never again will you fear spills!; amazon.in

Why I Like It

Put anything in the WoW cup and your child can drink it sitting, standing or hanging upside down. As long as your child is old enough to suck liquids, you can use it. And whether you’re in a bumpy car, in a turbulent flight or on a ship in troubled waters, you can offer your baby a drink without fear of spills.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

We bought the WoW cup on an IndiGo flight for ₹ 699/-. You can also get it online on Amazon.in, but at double the price.


#3 Travel Play Table

What Is It?

A travel tray that sits on top of a car seat, or chair and provides a safe, flat area for your child to eat and play on.

A multipurpose foldable station for your child that takes care of everything, almost!; amazon.in

Why I Like It

While travelling, you come across so many situations when you want your child to be peacefully occupied. Or you simply want to feed them, but you can’t find a place to do it. Just set up the travel play table and you have a foldable station for your child to draw on, eat food off, or simply keep themselves occupied with their favourite activity.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

Get it on amazon.in for ₹ 199/-


#4 Pristine First Bites Cereal

What Is It?

Pristine’s First Bites is an organic cereal that comes in several combination packs of pulses, fruits and vegetables.

All you need is water & a mixing bowl to feed your child healthy organic cereal; 1stbitesbabyfood.com

Why I Like It

Besides all-season fruits like bananas (which come in at #1 for being hygienically “packed” and no-fuss) this is one of the most convenient foods to carry during travel. All you need is water, a mixing bowl and you have a healthy, organic ready-to-feed meal! It isn’t too sweet, and there are several combinations of fruit and vegetables with pulses, including ragi.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

You can buy the cereal at any online store. A 300 gram pack costs an average of ₹ 220/- depending on the flavour.


#5 Swimways Power Swimr

What Is It?

This swim vest can help your child learn how to swim. It has several flotation pads stacked together, which can be removed one by one, depending on how much support your child needs. So while you may start her off with 3 pads, in a few months, she may be down to 1.

Easy to wear & convenient to strap on, the Swimways Power Swimr vest is your child’s best friend in water

Why I Like It

I sometimes think my daughter loves water more than she likes her parents. Her first encounter with a swimming pool was at the age of 6 months. And since then, most of our holidays have revolved around beach destinations and resorts with pools. The Power Swimr has made life in the water easier for us, and more fun for her. It’s easy to wear, convenient to strap on, and you can slowly graduate from heavy flotation to lighter support as your child learns to swim. It also comes in beautiful, bright colours.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

The Power Swimr starts from ₹2500 for a small size and goes up to much more, depending on the design and age of the child. You can get it from Amazon.in.


#6 Tracking Apps

What Are They?

These are GPS-based tracking apps that come with wearable devices to help you keep track of your child. The apps let you communicate with your child, track them, and alert you if they’re outside a pre-defined “safe zone”.

Invest in a tracker app & rest assured that you can get to your child when needed; mykiddytracker.com

Why I Like It

Though I haven’t personally used one, a GPS-based tracker seems like a great gadget for parents whose kids can’t sit still. At the tap of a button, you can locate your child, get in touch with them, activate voice modes, which record what’s happening around the child, and rest assured that you can get to them if need be.

How Much It Costs & Where You Can Find It

There are several GPS trackers available in the market. Tiny Tracker costs ₹ 7,650/-. My Kiddy Tracker ranges from ₹ 3,999/- to ₹ 5,800/- and ₹ 9,750/-. Don’t forget Internet charges apply too!

Lighten up your pockets a little and fill up your holiday with all these great travel buys for your child! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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