Yay!! lets hv a fun filled trip.

Review by: Farha patel

Destination: Mumbai


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Im a Fashion Designer and love to travel!
Couldnt dwnld another file of the trip as u tried to tap on choose file and no use so only two filez hv been chosen.
All the best to all n hope to win!!

Hi one n all,, i would love to share my last getaway to Malaysia truly Asia !yes we were in singapore n so we decided to visit the Famous" Lego Land" and there we were with our child..it was a wonderful n most memorable trip as our child loved tht place so much n we enjoyed every bit of it frm the boat rides,to the joy rides..the mini train n exploring the place on our own.we throughly relived our childhood dayz...its very close to the sngpr boarder called johar bahru thats in malaysia.
Theres a hotel too so you can stay back too and enjoy the theme park and see our very own pride of India the Taj Mahal in a miniature form along with other great structures..simply beautiful.theres also a water park you can buy tickets n then enjoy the water rides and pool.last we can buy lego toys,or memoriblia for our loved ones.
Hope ur nxt trip is to Lego Land😊