Gurudongmar Lake, North Sikkim

Review by: Aparajita Paul

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Destination: Manipal


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It’s all about the experience that you can have for your lifetime if you ever think of peeking into the Northern part of Sikkim, India. The hills over here will not come on strongly spewing its gut and vigor, rather it will make u face and feel its subtle royalty with its beauty. You can mesmerize your eyes with the vast tranquil horizon of godly beauty, thinking yourself to be able to achieve the most. And yes, all this is possible if you take the plunge to arrive at Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim.
The sun rays making the snow valleys blush like a lady being kissed by her man. At some place the roads, half covered in snow, holds two opposite textures of the cliffs. It shows just like two different personalities joined together for some better reasons. The temperature outside the windows of the car will become really too cold and freezing for keeping the hands out for taking any photos. But this can be assured that you will be tempted to do this few times to feel the freeze at least.
By the time you reach the Gurudongmar Lake, you may feel accomplished. But after coming out of your car and walking up to the adjacent temple of the lake (The car cannot go very close to the Lake and the temple area), you will be spell bounded looking at the vast horizon of the white beauty of snow.
Finally though the terrain is hostile with unpaved roads which make the journey hectic, it is the experience of a life-time that you will carry back with you to share.

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