Camera and Lens options in major brands as per budget and area of interest

We keep getting a lot of inquiries - which camera to buy, which lens to buy, which is a better brand - different budget limits, different areas of interest. DCP Panel Expert Ashish Vagal compiles and summarizes a list, which is an unbiased tabulation of options available from both the major brands as per budget ranges and interest. The rates mentioned here are approximate figures as per our information derived from the market as on 01.04.2014 and are subject to changes.

Internationally renowned Wildlife Photographer Andy Rouse, who is a Nikon user comments about comparing between brands, while evaluating Canon 1DX - "It’s a pointless and boring exercise. Professionals may change systems if they perceive a commercial advantage but few amateurs ever do. Comparing models and saying "mine is better than yours” is something for the playground that we should have all grown out of. It should not matter what camera I use, it’s about the photography that I produce and the techniques that I teach. Never again will I say anything negative about another manufacturer’s camera system, it’s not how a professional behaves and it doesn’t help anyone. The manufacturers don’t do it and we, as photographers, should not do it. Not one bit." 

45-55kCanon1100D (24k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
Canon1100D+18-55 (28k)Canon 55-250 (16k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD3200 (26k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
NikonD3200 (26k)Nikon 55-200vr (15k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD3200 (26k)Nikon 55-300vr (20k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
55-65kCanon600D (30k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
Canon1100D (24k)Canon 100 (38k)Macro
Canon1100D (24k)Canon 70-300 is (42k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
Canon700D (47k)Canon 55-250 (16k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD5200 (38k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
NikonD3200 (26k)Nikon 70-300vr (32k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD5200 (38k)Nikon 55-300vr (20k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
65-75kCanon600D (30k)Canon 100 (38k)Macro
Canon60D (42k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
Canon700D (47k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
Canon600D (30k)Canon 70-300 is (42k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD5100(24k)Tamron 90vc(47k)Macro
NikonD5100(24k)Nikon 105vr (50k)Macro
NikonD90(42k)Tamron 90 (24k)Macro
NikonD5200 (38k)Nikon 70-300vr (32k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD90(42k)Nikon 70-300vr (32k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
75-85kCanon700D (47k)Canon 100 (38k)Macro
Canon60D (42k)Canon 100 (38k)Macro
Canon600D (30k)Tamron 90vc(47k)Macro
Canon1100D (24k)Tamron 180 (58k)Macro
Canon60D (42k)Canon 70-300 is (42k)Mammals, Birding with limitation
NikonD5200 (38k)Tamron 90vc(47k)Macro
NikonD5100(24k)Tamron 180 (58k)Macro
85k-1.05LCanon700D (47k)Canon 100 (38k)Macro
Canon600D (30k)Canon 100 IS (60kMacro
Canon60D(42k)Canon 100 IS (60k)Macro
Canon1100D (24k)Sigma 150-500 (68k)Birding
NikonD90(42k)Tamron 90vc(47k)Macro
NikonD90(42k)Nikon 105vr (50k)Macro
NikonD5200 (38k)Nikon 105vr (50k)Macro
NikonD5100(24k)Nikon 300(65k)Birding
NikonD5200 (38k)Nikon 300(65k)Birding
NikonD5100(24k)Sigma 150-500(68k)Birding  



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