Leave Me Alone!


“The man who goes out alone can start today, but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready!”– Henry David Thoreaux

Your eyes have drooped down to your cheeks as you wait two hours in the traffic praying to God that they invent teleporting devices soon! You are tired of staring at the grey walls in your office, people cutting in the queue, loud voices and soon, you hear your heart asking you get out, GET OUT OF THERE!


We belong to the generation that love having friends to click selfies with and share that pint of beer with! But what happens when it all gets too much for you to handle? When you feel down in the dumps, when everyone you know is either getting married or having their fifth promotion and you feel stuck in the rut of dull city life; then you need to do just one thing; pack your bags!

You could travel with couch surfers, meet new people and fall in love on your travels, but there are times when all you need is a book, a glass of mojito and a place that lets you breathe in your own thoughts that were quiet for so long! Here are 18 exotic places you need to visit for peace and solitude ASAP! Also, one can enjoy the best train journeys in india with there family and friends.


Whitehaven Beach, WhitSunday Island, Australia

The serene, picturesque beach is a heaven for exhausted folk like you to sit back and gather their thoughts. The thick, royal blue sheets of water could take you to another universe as you dig your feet deep in the flour-like sands of the beach. What makes this beach apt for solitude seekers is its isolation from the rest of the maddening tourist areas, allowing for some quality time between you and the ocean.


The Austrian Countryside, Austria

You can hear Julie Andrews’s beautiful voice humming the tunes of ‘Sound Of Music’ as you sit on the green blankets of Austria’s mystical countryside with your copy of ‘Wuthering Heights’. There are snow-kissed hills on your left, spiked forests of pine trees on your right and beautiful, earth-tinted houses on the corners; perfect writers paradise!


Olchon Island, Lake Baikal, Russia

Yes, it is far in the heart of Russia, but once you are here, you will never want to leave. The serenity this famous island offers for the wanderlust enthusiast is profound and truly heartwarming. Let yourself get embraced by the sunsets deep tangerine hues as you dangle your feet from the edge of the cliff, overlooking a stunning oceanic view.


Kaputas Beach, Turkey

There is a connection between the soul that seeks solace and the magnificent crest of the ocean. Kaputas beach is shielded from the outside world by huge rocky cliffs, and while it is a tourist attraction, it is not suffocated with sunbathing blobs of flesh or loud kids that could perturb your alone time.


Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Nature has her ways of ensuring that no one in the cacophonic world out there can get in the way of your thoughts. In the thickets of the famous Sagano Bamboo forest in Japan, you will find your mind conjuring words rapidly, with only the sounds of nature for company. The long bamboo shoots give you the impression of being trapped in the shrine of flora gone from earth.


Beach of the Cathedrals, Spain

Sure, there are too many beaches on this list, but this one is special not for the waters alone; but for the natural caved arcs that shield you from the scorching heat. There is no better place for you to rest your back on, whip out your William Dalrymple novel as the ocean sings behind you.


Nai Harn Beach, Thailand

There are beaches and then there are those special beaches for the solitude lover like you to bask in. The Nai Harn beach in Thailand is for the person who wants to make a quick, economical getaway to cure the deadly city blues! The beach here is blessed with beautiful cave inlets for you to hide away from the rest of the world and play with your paper boat!


Gasadalur Village, Faroe Islands, Denmark

This quiet little village takes you to the land of dreams and fairytales, making you forget that you are a city dweller all together. The Gasadalur Village is so calm and serene, you could lie on the grass and contemplate on life while Mother Nature cajoles you to dream into the abyss of happiness.


Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Bhutan

If you need to release your inner tension and let go of any negativity in you, then the best place for you to visit is the Paro Taktsang in Bhutan. Also known as Tigers Nest, this monastery holds a breathtaking view of the tantalizing landscape of Bhutan. You will be at a loss for words at the beauty of this place, but thenagain; you don’t need to say anything. Shut your eyes; meditate; reflect!


Cow Wreck beach-Anegada

Why would you move back into the city when there lays azure skies, reflecting ocean and cushion like sand all over you? The bars around you and the peppy music that plays melodiously makes you fall in love all over again! A beautiful beach with a quirky name, Cow Wreck beach in the British Virgin Islands offers the writer a well deserved break from the pertinent life of the metros beyond!


 Café de Flore, St Germain de Pres, Paris, France

Like right out of a romantic movie! Imagine the amazing feeling as you sip on delicious coffee while you observe the people around and their beautiful neighbourhood! This Parisian literary café, is ideal as it lets you take in the beauty of modern day Paris while on the left, there is age old French architecture for you to love!


Lepakshi Temple, India

A frazzled city kid couldn’t ask for anything better than amazing positive vibes and a serene atmosphere for them to reflect on thoughts. The Lepakshi Temple in India, located about 120km from the city of Bangalore, offers you the perfect balance of history and unadulterated natural beauty. You could relax against one of the pillars of this sandstone temple, close your eyes and let the serenity sink in and take you away!


Cafe Leopold Hawelka, Vienna

Sitting snug in the lap of history and good coffee, this café in Vienna, Austria will take the traveller in you on a happy high! The more exotic the café, the more the thrill of where you are at the moment, the people, the surrounding everything! It’s all about having an outlet to release your thoughts; and some cafes like these, can work wonders for you!


Tuamotus Islands, French Polynesia

Sometimes, we seek solace in the company of those we don’t really know; strangers who have stories to share that bring a smile to your face as you let go of the world yonder! The friendly fishermen folk residing in the Tuamotus Islands engage you in their lives and at the same time, you find the vast oceans and sands apt for you to relax and dwell on thoughts.


Milford Trek, New Zealand

Ah, adventure! Trekking alone to the high plains of Milford in New Zealand is medicine for your writers block! New Zealand is the queen of landscapes and she shows it off with the gorgeous plains of this tramping route. You could write volumes just describing the exqusitie beauty of the hills and the ocean around you.


Dynjandi waterfalls, Iceland

Have you ever stood underneath a waterfall? Well, at the small price of getting yourself a tad soaked, the Dynjandi waterfalls in Iceland prove to you that fairy tale lands do exist, and some just for those who want some alone time from the world!  The waterfalls are breathtaking and you can lounge in the music the waters make as they hit the rocks below!


Sakhalin Island, Russia

Trains are one of the best ways to let your mind think as you watch the fast moving landscape around you. While the beautiful train journeys of the west are truly amazing, how about you let the stories unfold in your head as you traverse the mysterious plains of Sakhalin Island in Russia in a slow, chugging train that carries you around the place!


Kava cafe, New York

There is a mug which reads “I am there for you!” Who else understands the psyche of the frazzled human being, but the aromatic cocoa beans of coffee! The Kava café in NYC is one amazing place for you to convert your city tales into funny limericks and the coffee here is one of the best and most popular all over the world.


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