Being Thai High

Review by: Rahul Kumar

I have recently discovered my passion for traveling and so far, it has been a wonderful experience exploring the depths of it. Ever since then, I have looked forward and pursued to live for my dreams and make them come true!

Destination: The sincity - Thailand!


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Like everyone who have friends forever, even I used to wish about taking a memorable trip to some place where four best friends could have a crazy time together, as away as possible from our daily lives. For the first time in life, four of us surprisingly happened to be swinging on the same roller coaster. It was a dream come true when we finalized to celebrate the new year's eve at some place exotic and known for its wildness, and when you want it to be a little budget friendly, Thailand it is without a doubt! The night before the day of our departure went sleepless, for the excitement had already crossed its limit, by constantly thinking about the legendary holiday that lied on our way for the next 15 days. After four hours of flight, we finally landed the sincity. Initial few hours didn't go really well for us after we stepped out of the airport, mainly because we faced communication problem in having conversation with the locales. Of course, it was impossible for us to learn Thai language in such a short time, but sooner or later, we had discovered our own ways to serve our basic needs in the foreign land, as we mingled along with the culture and the vibe in the atmosphere. During the initial five days in Bangkok, we targetted at visiting and attending various attractions that the beautiful city had to offer us. Wait! Did I forget to mention that the sight seeing lasted only till daylight, for the nights called upon us for some crazy memories to cherish, let it be fulfilling your fantasy to enjoy being in the strip clubs, which is something that our homeland fails to offer us, or to ask out that pretty girl from an entirely different culture that's all new to you, or to party wild in the clubs and discos, or boozing your ass out to the limit that the next morning, you fail to remember what happened last night! What added a few more stars to our time was the joyous and festive season of Christmas and New Year, which people there loved to celebrate the way we had never seen before. The latter part of our trip involved spending four days each in Phuket and Pattaya. The plan to fly from Bangkok to Phuket changed at the last moment when we decided to do it my way via the highway. And trust me, being passionate about road trips, the feeling of driving a smoking red color hot convertible Merc on those roads at a speed of over 160 kmph and still feeling safe was a delight. We could easily cover 800 kms in 9 hours.This place, famous for its tourism and adventure fascinated us like anything. It was my first underwater diving experience I took on the Maya Bay islands. There are some things that you just shouldn't let escape your bucket list, and trust me, Scuba dive is one of them! Not to forget, we had the best new year eve beach party of our lives on the Ko Phi islands. Well known as the full moon party, it invites people from all over the globe, and it was a beautiful experience partying with people from different origins. I remember that look on our faces when it was time for us to conclude our holiday, but nevertheless, it was a trip for lifetime that we love to discuss about again and again, every single time we catch up together.

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