Popular Street Food From New Delhi


New Delhi - the capital of India is different from most cities of our country. It is a cultural hub and a center of a succession of mighty empires and powerful kingdoms. But what really captures the essence of this city is the street food!

Delhi’s street food is so authentic and tasty, that it’s not just famous among the locals, but it’s also popular with tourists.

If you are really a food lover, take a look at our exclusive list of popular street food right from streets of Delhi:


This deep-fried, golden bubbling paratha is something that you cannot miss. Crisp, flaky and spicy these parathas are made from flour and is often served with sabzis (vegetables) like aloo-methi, kele-sonth ki chutney, and kaddu-ki-sabzi. This exquisite dish is so enticing that your lips curl into a smile, the minute it melts in your mouth.
Where to try: Parante wali gali and Chandni Chowk



Delhi chaat is absolutely drool worthy. Here are a few to name:

Gol Gappa- The name itself is enough to make one’s mouth water. It’s a round shaped small puri stuffed with fresh chickpeas, boiled potatoes, sprouted moong beans, chutneys, and spices.  Zesty, crunchy and saucy – this dish truly satisfies your street food cravings.

Papri Chaat-This is yet another tongue tickling chaat of Delhi. It's flat puri aka papdi topped with boiled chickpeas, boiled potatoes, yogurt and tamarind chutney. Sweet, tangy and spicy – it has all the flavors in one single ensemble.

Aloo Kulla- If you love chaat, Aloo Kulla is one thing you just cannot ignore.  It’s potato that’s boiled and scooped out and filled with chickpeas and garnished with spices and lemon.

Dahi Bhalla - Dahi Bhalla is a popular chaat in North India, Delhi.  It is made of fried lentil balls served with yogurt and some chutney. Scrumptious and tasty, Dahi Bhalla is a perfect snack that leaves you full and very happy!
Where to try: Khan Market and Chandni Chowk



There are a wide variety of pakoras available throughout the city ranging from bread pakoras, mix pakoras, Paneer pakoras and of course fish pakoras and chicken pakoras.
To prepare this dish mostly, gram flour is used for coating the mixture (the mixture depends on requirement and choice). The coated mixture is then deep fried and served with chutney. Crisp on the outside and medium soft to crisp inside, Pakoras are well enjoyed with hot tea or coffee.
Where to try: Sarojini Nagar


Kebabs and Rolls:

Kebabs are small pieces of meat or seafood that are seasoned or marinated and cooked on a grill or a barbecue. Whereas rolls are crispy roti wrapped with mutton or chicken filling.
Immensely popular and heavenly delicious, both the dishes make for the easiest on-the-go grub - be it anytime of the day.
Note: Traditionally meat and fish are used to prepare kebabs and rolls, however depending on local tastes and religious prohibitions, vegetables like Paneer are also used for preparation.
Where to try:  Khan Chacha at Khan Market

Tikki is a famous street food of Delhi. It is basically a shallow fried boiled mashed potato patty – sometimes stuffed with a filling.  Delightful and flavorsome – this dish is served with various sweet and tangy chutneys along with various spice powders.
Where to try - Pitampura



Jalebis are golden coloured round spirals made of deep-fried maida batter, drenched in sugar syrup. Sweet, crispy and crunchy this delicacy tastes best when served with rabdi or milk. 

Where to try - Dariba Kalan Road, Chandni Chowk


Mutton Nihari:

Mutton Nihari is a popular non-vegetarian thick curry dish. It is prepared using lamb meat, all-purpose flour and a myriad of Indian spices. Rich and royal in taste, this dish is truly a meat lover's delight! 
Where to tryKarim Hotel, Jama Masjid


Other Desserts:

Delhi is also famous for some unbelievably good sweets. We have named a few for your reference:

Karachi Halwa:
Karachi Halwa is a much-loved Indian dessert made of corn flour and ghee and flavored with saffron. Moreover, the crunchy cashews inside the halwa add to the taste and texture of this delicious dish.
Delicious and tempting this sweet dish is nothing less than a treasure.

Kalakand Pista:
Kalakand Pista is a traditional sweet of Delhi. It is made with Paneer, milk, pista powder and is flavored with kewra essence and cardamom powder. 

Badam Barfi:
Badam Barfi is a lovely sweet made of almond, ghee, and sugar. Rich in flavor - this exquisite dish is well relished during a popular occasion like Diwali.
Where to eat – Ghantewala, Chandni Chowk

No matter what, Delhi will never disappoint you when to come to street food. Even if you are a first time traveler to the city, you will never be able to stop at just one plate. Delhi’s street food is so tempting and delicious that you will find yourself eating more than one dish, time and again.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your Delhi food tour and make sure that you try one of street food listed above!


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