Eat the dish, and the bowl too!


We all have had those foodie moments when we just can’t have enough of our favourite dishes even after the extra serving, the finger-licking and the polite begging (you’ll relate if you have siblings). In extreme cases, wiping the bowl clean using your fingers helps your situation a bit, but you are still left longing for more!


Fret no more! Check out these dainty treats that are served in delicious edible bowls, to give you a one-of-its-kind gastronomic experience.

Italian bread bowls

When it comes to food, Italy has to lead the way. Italians serve creamy soups in crusty bread bowls to offer delicious bread to savour after you finish your soup.

Basket chaat

Discussions related to food are incomplete without an exquisite Indian twist to it. We present you the basket chaat, popularly called as Lachcha Tokri. It is made of spiced potatoes and it only feels right to eat up the tokri after savouring the awesomeness of the chaat it previously contained.

Chocolate mousse in brownie bowl

Attention Chocolate lovers! While your dream chocolate house is still a thing of the future (we are not ruling it out), these delicious brownie bowls filled with chocolate mousse seem like they’ve been served straight from heaven.

Ice-cream in waffle basket

Nothing can make ice-cream more awesome than the possibility of eating up the bowl it was served in. Enter waffle baskets! The crunchiness of the basket will make the perfect finale after your indulgent romance with ice-cream.

Mushroom cups

If you are in love with mushrooms to the level of mushy, then this dish is the one for you. Be it mashed potato, pasta, or simply salad, serve in a scooped-out mushroom to make an amazing bite-sized starter with a dose of health.


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