Chocolate cookie recipes to make you a dessert wizard!


Remember those days when you felt like having cream-filled chocolate cookies and you put on your apron and got your baking pans into action? Well, we don’t remember any such thing. For us, the only way to get cookies is to order it.

While there is one best way to buy cookies, there are ample delicacies you can whip out of it. Check out our best picks.


Oreo cheesecake

Oreo and cheesecake in one single dessert? Yes, it is possible. All you have to do is use coarsely crushed Oreo cookies for crust, and a mix of cream cheese, heavy cream and powdered sugar for the cheese. Layer these in a pan and set in a refrigerator for 1 hour, and your Oreo cheesecake is ready. 


Chocolate cookie mousse

This delicious creamy mousse that tastes like it has been made in heaven is actually ridiculously easy to make. All you have got to do is throw in a pack of chocolate cookies into a blender along with a few tablespoons of milk, butter and heavy cream, as well as a cup each of whipped cream and semi-sweet chocolate. Blend it to perfection and you have got dessert ready for 10 guests, or for only yourself as you binge-watch one whole season of your favourite TV show.


Oreo brownies

Indulging in a brownie is one of the finest pleasures of life. Level up your brownie and simultaneously cut down the effort of assembling the brownie batter by simply mixing crushed Oreo cookies with some milk, baking powder, sugar and oil. Bake it and serve it with some ice cream and gorge on this easy-peasy fancy dessert in the comfort of your home.


Cookie-flavoured muffins

Add in some crushed Oreos (or any other chocolate cookie you prefer) to the normal muffin batter to bake these gorgeous muffins. The best part about these muffins is the smooth cookie-like taste in every bite.


Chocolate-flavoured coffee

Mix in crushed chocolate and cream cookies to your regular coffee mix to enjoy what might become your new favourite drink of all time.


Cookies topped with whipped cream and berries

If you want to eat something trendy but don’t want to put in much effort, just top some Hide&Seek or Oreo cookies with whipped cream and sliced berries (or any other fruit you may like) and serve.


Oreo parfait

Parfaits do not need any introduction, but the level of awesomeness this parfait packs up commands a distinct reputation. All you have to do is layer crushed oreos along with whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate mousse and chopped Oreos.

Oreo muffins with oreo cream frosting

Make muffin batter using crushed Oreos, sugar, butter and milk and bake it. Serve them simply or if you want to add some garnishing, top it with some whipped cream and enjoy.


Cookie-flavoured bread

Goodness of chocolate cookies baked with flour into a dreamy loaf of bread? Well, that’s what this is! All you have to do is layer crushed cookies at the bottom of the baking pan, top it with batter, and bake it. Top this with some more cookies to make it even more delicious!

If you haven’t got your pack of cookies in your pantry right now, go ahead and get one because your cravings are surely going to hit now after having gazed at these dainties!


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