Turmeric- ‘Haldi’- for Health


Bablu disliked ‘Haldi Dhoodh’ (Turmeric Milk) to no extent. He could endure anything but turmeric powder in his milk. But alas, his mother insisted and as a child he could not do much about it. Bablu’s mother believed that turmeric is a wonder ‘drug’ for numerous ailments. As he got a bit older he also got aware and realised during winters he never succumbed to common ailments like cough and cold. His immune system was stronger than many of his friends. He enjoyed his health! But, always wondered how!

Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes of the plant Curcuma longa, which is a member of the ginger family. It has the compounds with medicinal properties which is Curcumin. Even though Curcumin is 3% of turmeric, the use of turmeric is not lessened in anyway. Curcumin is the most active component of turmeric and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This is precisely the reason that Haldi’(turmeric) finds a special place in India (Ayurveda) for many ailments.


Turmeric is Anti- inflammatory

  • Turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds including six different COX-2-inhibitors (the COX-2 enzyme promotes pain, swelling and inflammation).
  • External application of turmeric is beneficial for sprains and swellings because of the Curcumin compound.
  • Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and pain relieving properties, Curcumin and turmeric is used for arthritic pain.
  • Because inflammation is closely linked to tumor promotion, Curcumin with its potent anti-inflammatory property is anticipated to exert chemopreventive effects on carcinogenesis. Hence, the past few decades have witnessed intense research devoted to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Curcumin.


Turmeric Prevents

The antibacterial and anti-viral action of curcumin makes it the best remedy to treat cough and cold naturally. The anti-inflammatory action of curcumin aids in relieving the chest congestion that develops in people suffering with chronic cough. It is advised to include turmeric in a daily diet during winters to prevent viral and bacterial infection. The dosage could be –one tsp turmeric with a glass of warm milk.One can also have a 1-2 tsps of turmeric powder without mixing it for the same effect.

Turmeric Prevents

Turmeric Heals

  • Curcuma has natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties and can be used as effective disinfectant in case of cuts and minor burns. Turmeric also helps repair damaged skin and may be used to treat psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Turmeric with other constituents has a great effect- Having haldi (Turmeric) mixed with mustard oil and onion juice every hour stops rectal bleeding in piles in most of the cases.
  • As a rich source of iron, turmeric is valuable for anemia.
  • Curcuma has protective action on intestinal flora. Curcuma is beneficial in Crohn’s disease (an ailment that affects the digestive tract) and ulcerative colitis.


Turmeric Boosts General Health

  • Curcumin Detoxifies the liver- It helps in stimulating bile production in the liver and encouraging excretion of bile via the gallbladder, which improves the body’s ability to digest fats.
  • It balances cholesterol levels, fights allergies, stimulates digestion, boosts immunity and enhances the complexion.
  • Studies suggest that curcumin has several properties that could make it effective at preventing Alzheimer’s disease.


Turmeric is Anti- cancer

  • Curcumin powder mixed with pure cow’s ghee(Clarified Butter) might wade away cancer cells in most cases and also regenerates new cells in the body.
  • Curcuma has been demonstrated to inhibit tumor growth and stimulate apoptosis, an intracellular mechanism for cells of all types to “kill” themselves. It neutralizes those substances and conditions which can cause cancer.
  • It directly helps a cell retain its integrity if threatened by carcinogens.


Turmeric is an Effective Cosmetic

  • Turmeric paste mixed with aloe vera, water and milk will clear your skin as well. Turmeric mixed with gram flour (besan) is an effective & cheap scrub, and is known to clear tan.


So if you say yes to your health, haldi  (Turmeric) has to find some space in your scheme of affairs!

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