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The cool serene landscape of Ooty, is movie-like; winding, country lanes, and colonial architecture breathe a sigh of fresh air into the weary traveller. It is a great escape for those wanting respite from the scorching Indian sun. Whilst the town centre is somewhat chaotic, a short journey up into the hills reveals a world of greenery, infused with bright gardens, Hindu Temples and a wealth of astounding views. Ooty can be found in the state of Tamil Nadu and was once the most popular Hill Station for the British residents. So to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Ooty, and cherish it as others have done, we’ve compiled a mini-travel guide of things to do, where to stay and when to go.

Things to Do in Ooty

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Toy Train

Ooty is a popular destination for honeymooners and romantics, and there’s no better way to start your trip with a scenic journey through its panoramic views on the Toy Train. The scenery is vibrant green owing to the heavy rainfall during monsoon season and waterfalls are in abundance. The train leaves from Metupalaiyum, but if you find yourself in a different area, the journey is also enjoyable by car or bus.

Ooty Botanical Garden


Take a stroll through the lush greenery and gaze blissfully at the 650 species of flowers and trees at the Ooty Botanical Garden. Created in 1848, the gardens cover an area of 22 hectares and are home to a fossil tree that is over 20million years old. Key attractions, besides the lawns and nurseries, include the Conservatory and the Toda Hill; where visitors can catch a glimpse of the Toda Tribe’s (Ooty’s original settlers) culture and daily lifestyle.

There is a yearly flower show at the Ooty Botanical Gardens in mid-May, where the best of the best are on show for all to see. Open from 8.30am to 6.30pm daily, this is a great place for all including families.

Other Attractions in Ooty


Enjoy the warm weather with a trip to Ooty Lake, where you can relax on its banks, ride the attractions or take a paddle boat out and float gleefully along its surface. The lake is open from 8.30am-5.30pm daily and costs a mere 5 rupees per person.

It’s not all nature in Ooty, there’s also the Fernhill Palace, built in 1844 this was the original summer home of the Maharaja of Mysore. Or perhaps the Stone House, this was once the first bungalow in Ooty built by John Sullivan but is now a museum, home to some rather interesting relics. Other notable structures include St. Stephen’s Church and Elk Hill Murugan Temple, two different places of worship that offer a great sight-seeing experience.

If you’re looking for an excursion, a short 25km away from Ooty is the Emerald Lake. Surrounded by tea plantations this is a great place to set-up for a picnic or buy and taste some delicious Indian tea, not to mention get some great pictures!



When To Visit Ooty

Whilst Ooty remains astounding all year round, there are a few conditions that might alter your opinion of when is best for you to go. We recommend going from March to June, as to get the best out of your trip, with regards to the weather.

March to June is Ooty’s summer, and weather does not tend to rise above 20°C, making temperatures comfortable enough to walk about and participate in daily activities. This time is also a perfect respite from the lower plains of India, and an opportunity to take the whole family on holiday.

Monsoon season kicks in from July to September, where heavy rainfalls are in abundance and may make sight-seeing a little less visible or comfortable. However, if you’re in Ooty to admire the nature, September could be a great time for you, as this is when all things green or colourful come out in full throng.

Finally, Ooty in the Winter (October to February), can get a bit cold and rather breezy; temperatures have been known to reach as low as 0°C. But this can be the perfect excuse to get cosy and snuggle up to loved ones.



Where To Stay in Ooty

There are range of different hotels in Ooty, stretching from luxury hotels with views of the sprawling greenery of Ooty, to cheaper, but equally comfortable, bungalows and homestays. Some of our favourites include the Hill Country Lovedalehotel; set high in the mountains this hotel gives a wondrous view of the terraced Ooty landscape. Alternatively, the I-India is nicely nestled in Ooty, and a short distance from main sights; it has been well-reviewed by our customers and offers free Wi-Fi, so you can brag to all of your friends at home about your trip!

Wherever you stay in Ooty you will be close to nearby must-see sights, but there are plenty of different options to explore. Click the link below to see more hotels in Ooty and find the perfect hotel for you. Prices for hotels usually begin at 1000 rupees per night depending on level of luxury and when you visit.

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Getting to Ooty

Being the plush, countryside escape that Ooty is, there is no surprise that it does not have its own airport. However, a mere 88kms (less than 3hrs) away is Coimbatore Airport; the airport is well-equipped and experienced at providing transfers for those looking to get to Ooty. Bus or private taxis are available, as well as the ability to hire your own car if you a road trip is what you are looking for.

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