We Bet You Have No Clue These 10 Amazing Destinations Even Exist!


Do you remember Red Hot Chili Peppers famous song Road Trippin “It’s time to leave this town, it’s time to steal away, let’s go get lost…” Even now we get goose bumps on hearing this old track, such is the aura of travelling!

Thanks to movie like ‘Into the Wild’ we now think beyond just travelling. There is an irresistible urge of wandering to places away from the humdrums of clichéd destinations – journeys that have secret places that most travelers are unaware of!


Adding a little punch to the existing traditional ‘2015 hot travel destinations’, we bring you some under-the radar places that we are sure, you certainly have no clue about!  Take a guess, how many of them were you aware about?

A step in the Fairy tale land of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

An underrated European country with a turbulent history Bosnia and Herzegovina is still off the radar from crowding tourists and media. Whether you wish to bike, ride, walk or swim…this tiny country has it all. ‘A journey back into time’ is how you can describe your stay in this heavenly abode on earth.

A place where everything is slow paced- no honking of vehicles, no hurry to reach on time; a place that looks like it has been taken straight out of a fairy tale. Enjoy the best of Bosnia and Herzegovina without constantly checking your pocket, as it is amazingly cheap here as compared to neighboring European countries. So when are you planning to visit?


It’s not always about beaches, Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Well, when it comes to Croatia, it’s not always about beaches. If the first thing that always come to your mind on hearing Croatia is sun dipped beaches and crystal clear water then surprise! Also, a national park and world heritage site, Plitvice Lakes, is just one hell of a place.

Not just one lake but Plitvice is actually a combination of sixteen lakes that are interconnected to each other with waterfalls. Mind blowing, what do you say? Well, if you are still not convinced then we advise you to take a look at the picture. Before that, prepare yourself for some long sighs!


A magical express in a magical land, Flam Valley in Norway

In the heart of Western Norway, Flam, a small village is one place that would definitely change your perception of heaven. Before jumping into conclusions, we would like to present you some natural wonders that this tiny hamlet holds in its kitty.The Flam railway is the most famous attraction point of the Flam Valley.

This 20 km long journey takes you through some beautiful landscapes. Get ready for an experience that you imagined while watching Hogwarts express! Also the fjords here have been listed in the ‘Seven Wonders of Nature’ by Chicago Tribune owing to the wonderful Kayaking and Cruise experience that entices people from all over the world.


The old tales of the Rock Cut Tombs of Myra in Turkey

House of Virgin Mary, The Grand Theatre and Hadraian Temple are just to name a few! When it comes to beautiful ruins, Turkey is one proud nation. The rock cut tombs of the Myra are not the remains of a dynasty that flourished in this region. But living tales of the funerary moments of Lycian people.

These bizarre yet beautiful ruins of the early Greek civilization stand here amidst the present world, whispering the hidden stories from the past. Perched on the hills above the city, the sight of these temples is enough to raise your hair on the ends!


It’s a fire –water dance, Nachi-no-Otaki in Japan

Considered as the tallest waterfall in Japan, Nachi-no-Otaki can be seen from as far as Pacific Ocean. The entire aura surrounding this place is so magical; a holy land, this place is preserved as a sanctuary of Kumano Nachi Taisha. Inhabited by mountain monks, this mystical land is still used for ascetic training.

The fire festival or Nachi-no-Hi Matsuri is the most sacred festival in which monks dressed in white purify the waterfall with huge portable shrines. Behold yourself as this holy land will certainly leave you astounded!


No it’s not Star Wars set, Maunsell Army Forts in United Kingdom

 No, we are not talking about a movie set or a space station themed amusement parks. Maunsell Army Forts are the remains of the fortified towers that had been built during World War II to help United Kingdom.

Built in 1942, some of the forts still stand in water, the rusted walls and the broken windows, however, echo the horrors of the war till date. Though put to restoration but the remaining six forts seem to be lost somewhere in the rushes of the present world.


Sail to your own private island in Vila Franca do Campo in Portugal

 Imagine sailing in your own private island…impossible? Villa Franca is one place to fulfill this dream. Snorkel in the warm waters, get close to the beautiful aquatic life that too free from overcrowding tourists.

Villa Franco can be easily accessed by a ferry boat from Marina. The small crater in the midst of the island is filled with salt water making it safe for water adventures. Bring out your love for water, without any hustles from other tourists.


Spot the spotted creature, Jawai Leopard Camp in India

 Rajasthan – The royal imprint of time, beautiful castles, desert safari and leopards. No, there is no error, you can spot a leopard here that too from close! ‘Jawai’ is Rajasthan’s step towards Eco-tourism and in conserving these elegant cats.

Jawai, is located between the fabulous cities of Udaipur and Jodhpur. A fleet of jeeps, spa and a library welcomes you to this amazing leopard camp. Brace yourself for some close ‘Meows.’


Yes, Fairy tales exist, Lichtenstein castle in Germany

 Get ready to take a tour back in all the fairy tales you have read so far! If all those fairytales were for real then this caste was certainly where Cinderella lived or where Rapunzel was locked. Located above the Echaz valley, Lichtenstein castle was built in a historic style.

A small creek flowing behind the caste gives all the more surreal touch to this place. A perfect romantic getaway, it won’t be wrong to say that ‘Love is certainly in air’ here.


A canvas straight out of the mind of a painter, Roughting Linn in United Kingdom

Named after a nearby small waterfall, Roughting Linn, is one tourist hot spot which is more popular among photographers than general public. Well famed for the largest decorated rock in entire England.A hidden treasure, the rock at Roughting is completed taken over by the roots of the surrounding trees and shrubs.

The small- gentle streams of water falling over the small cliffs rising on the sides is simply a view that need to be seen in order to believe it. After all UK is not just all about London!


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